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This is a little bit of a personal blog where I share my thoughts whenever I feel like it. The posts are sorted along a timeline. Click each title to read the whole “thought”.

6 Months without updates – how are things?

Hello to you and all my other readers. I know there has not been much to read lately. Well, for months, actually. And it's not that I didn't think about it every single day. If you look at my clipstore - and you know that it's my #1 priority (as I said on numerous...

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My first fiverr experience

I was looking to do some promotion. As adult-income runs on basically no budget, I went to Fiverr for the very first time in my life. I had heard about it. Soon, I found a "gig" that would promote my website. A native English speaker, born in America. I just had a...

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Protected: My biggest mistakes on a personal level that roughly cost me $150k

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On using twitter clipstore promotion

Clipsites stimulate using twitter clipstore promotion Clipsites all around stimulate using twitter. Having an account and a following can open up additional promotion for you. Every clipsite nowadays will retweet and mention you on twitter when you give a shoutout...

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Clipstore Knowledge fast and tidy overcoming dilemmas

Clipstore knowledge versus website health I realized why I don't get as many articles up as I have written and why other blogs on the internet always have these 5 or 10 "things" posts. You know, 10 things you need to know about babysitting, 5 ideas for Christmas. The...

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Let’s go

Adult income was resting for a while for several reasons. Personal reasons that I might disclose in the new protected section one day, but also issues of theft and security that I had to deal with. Sites were copying my articles without permission, getting me into...

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Bumpy re-start

It seems like every time I try to re-start a clipstore by updating daily clips, life punishes me by letting me have less visits and less sales than the days before I re-activated. It doesn't make sense at all. More updates and newsletter sending should result in more...

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