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These links have been found and checked one by one by me personally. They are not from any existing list or copied from any website, I spent a few hours to find them.

There are no classic clipstore sites here, they would be in the clipstore comparison section of the site (I am aware that many are missing, but I diligently look and test them one by one. There are many yet to come like youkandy, clipvia, customs4u, amateurporn etc.)

Never register on a site and start advertising right away, unless this is explicitly allowed. You wouldn’t want anyone like that on your site either. Make a nice profile, you can often add interests and a homepage. Join discussions, be nice.

Participate just like anyone else and contribute. You will get noticed. When people ask you about your hobbies (e.g. “making clips for my store”) and want to know more, you can always tell them. If they want to see your catalog, you can give them your link.

At least that is my advise. Treat them like you would want to be treated.

Stay away from forums that are only about sharing copyrighted videos (except to check for your content). If only one person posts video after video in a thread, that’s not for you. If a forum has massive amounts of posts but only few members, it’s just a pic / vid dump.

If a tube site has no upload function, it’s a traffic trap. They just show adult content from somewhere else to attract people and then sell their traffic in bulk.

A site that looks like a magazine/blog with video posts and download links is often useless as well. They either want to make money off “stolen” content or also just want to sell traffic / redirect the visitors to sign-up pages for paysites.

I do my best to keep this list clean of useless sites.

Look for communities where all members are able to participate, where they keep an open mind towards producers as well. Signs of real communities are often an “introduce yourself” forum/thread and a “off-topic / spam” section. These are also good starting points for you.

Don’t jump right in. Most communities have hidden rules and regulations. Idle and lurk, read, notice, feel the vibe first. Take a few days / weeks (but have your profile fully filled in and ready right away!) to get the hang of it.


Big boards / advertise here (your own thread) (larryO is the owner(?) And has launched other forums as well. So behave if you want to post in any of these :P) (larryO) (larryO) (find suitable channels or create your own; it’s a special site, don’t annoy people. A real pro is she goes around posting everywhere, seemingly innocent (but including adult selling channels), but if you click her name (and guys will do that) she is selling videos and panties on a professional looking page: she doesn’t show her face)


Profile communities (community where you can make a profile and add galleries) (adult community where you are invited to be yourself, even as a producer)


Profile with clip and image sales (also camming)


Tube (fetish, niche, extreme) (extreme)


Tube (with Profile) (they have content programs for amateurs and webmasters, just confirmed with their amateur community manager that clips4sale amateurs are allowed and welcome)


Tube (only tubes with upload option) (pornhub network)


Tube Content Programs (read my article about this program)


Scan for your content here (I don’t directly link these) (webcam captures) (associated -> -> is this safe?) (webcam captures)


Lurk / Idle




Interesting idea


Adult producers resources


Learn English

It’s important for your keywords but even more important in your videos – good English.


Producer/Camgirl Forums (once you register more content becomes available) A huge list of links to topics relevant to camgirls and adult workers in general related check out Alex’s blog for camgirls. (cool blog from a former #1 c4s store and adult producer who went indy) (Blog of a call girl)


Negative side of adult income / abuse I found this as an interesting read for us. It’s very one sided (conservative-catholic, anti porn) and it’s the opposite side of where I am sitting, but it’s a side that we all should know about, especially those statements from (female) adult models. is not meant as a resource for abusers and assholes. If you are being/feeling forced, if you don’t enjoy what you do or lose control, get help, get out. I am serious.

Customers can make you do things you regret. If in doubt, never choose the money. Don’t let the money blind you!

I just did a search for helplines but it seems that treating porn addiction is more important than helping the girls and I did not want to put up religious sites. So my best advise is to start on the camgirl forums (linked further up) if you think you are in trouble. There are powerful women there.

Guys, really, check your ethics when hiring/working with girls OR requesting / demanding customs / clips.


Traffic Check Websites


Speedtest for Websites (check the tiny settings button)