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About pregnancy clip pirating, trading and copyright infringement

I posted a reply on a forum where they are sharing (my) clips openly. The forum owners do nothing against it, they encourage it. Some users there are greedy and don’t care, some try to be famous or something by offering clips for free which they themselves paid for. There are users there who post that they have bought 100’s of (my) clips and they offer them for trade. I wonder why they buy clips and then offer them for free or trade them, hurting their favorite models tremendously. Side note: there are nice users as well who would probably be customers and not share or upload clips illegally, but I wouldn’t say that they won’t download what is offered to them for free. open full article

6 Months without updates – how are things?

Hello to you and all my other readers.
I know there has not been much to read lately. Well, for months, actually. And it’s not that I didn’t think about it every single day. If you look at my clipstore – and you know that it’s my #1 priority (as I said on numerous occasions here), I have not been able to post a new clip in 6 months. open full article

About my clips4sale eBook and how I am not selling it to you

Introduction to the book
This text was originally in the book, but I removed it because it is not really about clips4sale or what the book is about. It is more of a general observation that I wanted to give a thought.
A metaphor
Just to make you realize what you got yourself into, I’ll give you an impression of my earnings tab (in the book). open full article

My first fiverr experience

I was looking to do some promotion. As adult-income runs on basically no budget, I went to Fiverr for the very first time in my life. I had heard about it.
Soon, I found a “gig” that would promote my website. A native English speaker, born in America. I just had a question:

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Protected: My biggest mistakes on a personal level that roughly cost me $150k

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