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If you lost c4s email subscribers in the last week of February, that is because c4s cleaned out all email address that were not available anymore. I "lost" about 35 subscribers and went ahead and asked. ... See MoreSee Less

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For your information, here is my post from the forum again:

I once had an order email about an amount but in my admin, there were 2 cents less. I wanted to know about that and found out that all clips sales are individually rounded to two decimals before adding them up for your admin.

So in the mail, there could be $34.56 which in reality is $34.5556 and $25.22 which in reality is $25.2156. Now if you add up $34.5556 and $25.2156, you get $59.7712. Which, rounded to two decimals, is $59.77

However, if you add up $34.56 and $25.22, you get $59.78. So in this case, being more exact "lost" you one cent.

I have been informed and can also confirm that c4s is generally overpaying studios because of this rounding issue, not underpaying. You can simply test that by running a report for all your sales ever (sales -> run report -> detailed), then divide the commissioned amount (Comm) by the total amount (Price). The result will be around 0.60. Ideally, it will be over 0.60, meaning you got more than 60% payout. Interestingly, for my past two months it's under 60% (59.996). If I go back a year, it's still 0.5998. If I got back two years, it's 0.6009.

So it's pretty much 60%, but sometimes you can see these strange cent differences.

I was told a year ago that this would be changed and 4 decimals displayed in the order emails. But obviously that has not been done. I don' think it's needed when you know where these cent changes come from and as long as you get 60% or more across all sales.
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Things are happening. The big players are launching new sites this year. Clipsites, networks.. I know this first hand. Curious how c4s will handle that ... See MoreSee Less

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Have been invited to the beta of a major clipsite about to launch at the end of the year. Looks pretty good so far. Could be very promising. Of course I will keep you up to date ... See MoreSee Less

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Started writing another ebook. A sort of follow up to the starter book ... See MoreSee Less

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