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1. The website is more secure and I can log in - but can you log in? If not, please tell me :p I might have tightened security a little too much.
2. Someone just pledged $30 so theoretically, I would have reached my first goal of $200 now. Patreon changed the fee structure today (so that we creators receive a better share and pay less fees) which might have resulted in me receiving $199 now. Anyway, I think we all agree that this counts as if I reached the goal, so I will put half a day / week more into a-i and create the patreon intro video :)

That will be next week though, as I have a nasty cold right now.
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Further secured the website today. I have invested quite a bit in security now since I want adult-income to be a safe place. ... See MoreSee Less

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My Patrons contribute $172 every month to help me keep adult-income going. Right now, I invest most time helping stores in the background, which is a little sad, because it's not helping anyone else. However, I am happy to say that this is going quite well and some stores are doing extraordinarily great! *wink* :) Only $28 more in Patrons, and I reach my goal of $200 / month, which will mean half a day / week writing articles and a video from me on my patreon page. This could be a breakthrough! If you are interested in getting involved, visit my page:

P.S.: Still working on the new book as well
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I won't be online for the rest of the week. I hope nothing comes up, but if there is anything, sorry, I will check in on Monday and help where I can! ... See MoreSee Less

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Adult income was resting for a while for several reasons. Personal reasons that I might disclose in the new protected section one day, but also issues of theft and security that I had to deal with. Sites were copying my articles...

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