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Adult-income just loaded in under 1 second for me. Wow ... See MoreSee Less

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A somewhat adult forum I am on is now implementing paypal, stating that paypal has lowered their fence against adult transactions. I know that they have been going into that direction since a few months, siding with Epoch and all. I doubt they'll write a letter of apology to banned adult performers and re-invite us one day, but if any of you know more about paypal getting back into adult, please comment ... See MoreSee Less

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In March, 1 euro was 1.05 dollars. $3000 from c4s would be 2857 Euro.

Now, one euro is 1.13 dollars. $3000 from c4s is only 2655 Euro. That's more than a 7% loss.

That hurts. However, when I started on c4s, one Euro was 1.34 Dollar. So it's still pretty good.
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Actually, you should be able to post on this site and that should appear as news on Try it? ... See MoreSee Less

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Adult income was resting for a while for several reasons. Personal reasons that I might disclose in the new protected section one day, but also issues of theft and security that I had to deal with. Sites were copying my articles...

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