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I resumed writing on the promotion book, which is based off of my "old" article:

The goal is to create a book that shows you a way to effectively and easily, almost auto-pilot most of your online clipstore promotion.

Anyway, I was reading through the "old" article and found a section that I wanted to highlight for you:

"Don't get too personal"

When I started, I was sad to see how many poor guys were robbed of their money by shallow producers, so I tried to change the world.

I wanted to be different and fight against the mean business world that treated people badly...

I was trying to get to a friend-like relationship with my fans (not calling them customers), that I indeed had with some, but ultimately, it cost me a lot:

A lot of time, writing pages and pages of emails and in the end a lot of visitors, because as it turns out, personal information is off-turning.

They started to see who I was. Human. A normal girl with problems. Menstruating, having a headache. Having a sick dog and a newborn and whatnot.

It destroyed their fantasy. Whichever fantasy they had - and I think everyone had a different, yet idealized picture of me - it would get replaced more and more with reality. And reality is not what turns them on. Their fantasy is.

You are a fantasy they can't reach. You are not human. You are ideal in every way. Leave them that illusion, it's a win-win. You can still be nice and treat them with respect.

What has been seen/told can not be unseen/unheard. So choose wisely what you reveal about yourself, it could have major consequences.
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