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Uploading a video to xvideos. I decided against choosing the xvideos red premium option after I had a look at the site. There are barely any viewers yet. I will consult with the channel support team to get more information, but it seems like the revshare system will be in place for a while longer until more customers have "gone red" ... See MoreSee Less

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Just noticed that c4s finally implemented something I suggested (and probably others as well) years ago - the "save for later" button so customers don't forget about clips they still wanted to buy. Very nice! ... See MoreSee Less

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Okay, xvideos is going to stop their revshare once their premium is fully established. So my last idea won't work... at least not exactly as I had thought out. I found out something interesting: xvideos is not selling vids. It is actually offering the premium vids free to view, but all 5min+ videos who get added to premium will have a sort of revshare. If a premium member watches these, you get a share of their subscription money. I can't say if this is going to be better or worse than the current system, but it's different from what other sites do (which was joining the clip selling market) and if it works well, I am looking forward to it. ... See MoreSee Less

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I got my first subscribers on nexocams - really out of the blue. It was so exciting that I made another quick video for nexo right away. It's better than making clips for me at the moment, because I can be spontaneous and post from everywhere.

So I have sent out an email about it and let's see where that takes me. I will keep you updated.

I also recognize the development on xvideos and I decided that, as a long term goal, I want to publish 1000 unique, 20min+ videos there. Probably themed in some way, to build that up. I already have 9.9k followers there (which I just noticed) so that should help get all the videos started in terms of views.

I estimate at $2 video revenue a month, that 1000 clips would produce at least $2000 monthly and about $50000 one-time, because the day the clips go live on the frontpage, $50 is my average estimate for that day. Now this will take 3 years when I make a clip almost every day, which is not possible right now. So I look at 5 years to accomplish this.

In that time, every video will increase the daily earnings of all my other videos and the followers will grow. So there is certainly a chance that my estimates are too low, but I tried to be realistic and more on the cautious side.

Of course it could go wrong if xvideos shuts down, but they seem solid and are just renewing the site in a way that I like a lot. So I think they are going to stay for a while longer.

I also thought about a niche that I like and where I think no videos in a particular style have been made yet (one that turns ME on) - although it's a big niche with a lot of customers. I am planning on trying that on manyvids when I have the time to post clips - because it's no problem just uploading irregularly there. Sales trickle in and there is potential there to go bigger at any time (like, when I can make a lot of clips again somewhere in the future).

That's it for now, comment if you want to know more :)
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Earned my first money on nexocams by camming and receiving tokens. It was fun and exciting. The guys were calm and polite, I really enjoyed it. I will gather more experiences there when I get the time. ... See MoreSee Less

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