Author: Sinna

6 Months without updates – how are things?

Hello to you and all my other readers. I know there has not been much to read lately. Well, for months, actually. And it’s not that I didn’t think about it every single day. If you look at my clipstore – and you know that it’s my #1 priority (as I said on numerous occasions here), I have not been able to post a new clip in 6 months. open full...

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New C4S promotion Nexocams

If you already signed up to nexocams, go to your profile and edit your date of birth! Otherwise, your real age is visible to the public! Nexocams and c4s I just saw the new c4s promotion and thought “finally, they integrated the cam and social features that I have been waiting for”. So, I took the time to sign up, which was a little strange because I used their link but still had to go through all the verification steps. So it seems that it’s not integrated into the c4s website at all. open full...

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