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New C4S promotion Nexocams

If you already signed up to nexocams, go to your profile and edit your date of birth! Otherwise, your real age is visible to the public! Nexocams and c4s I just saw the new c4s promotion and thought “finally, they integrated the cam and social features that I have been waiting for”. So, I took the time to sign up, which was a little strange because I used their link but still had to go through all the verification steps. So it seems that it’s not integrated into the c4s website at all. open full...

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My tree in the c4s forest (Okay so this is how I do it)

The forest of c4s I often hear critics say that no one truly successful would reveal their secrets. In fact, people say that you should not reveal your secrets in business, which is true in some cases. We all run a business on clips4sale: A clipstore with store management, administration, product development and creation, marketing, customer support and much more. However, I think that clips4sale is more like a wonderful forest. Each studio is a plant and the customers and visitors can walk around in it. The more stores, the more variety, value, nurture, recreation, satisfaction, paths, plants and...

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