Clipsites stimulate using twitter clipstore promotion

Clipsites all around stimulate using twitter. Having an account and a following can open up additional promotion for you. Every clipsite nowadays will retweet and mention you on twitter when you give a shoutout (@clipsite) to them while you have a nice following. It doesn’t cost them anything, so why not. Most clipsites offer auto-tweeting whenever you post an update. That means that news about your recent clip-update will be posted on their twitter timeline.

Effect of twitter on my clipstore traffic

So when clips4sale posts about you, that should be huge, right? Posting to 15k followers on the @c4supdates channel or 47k on @clips4sale. Luckily, we have twitter analytics so we can gauge how huge or small that is. Additionally, we .. okay, I have google analytics in place, so I can show you if and how that twitter promotion does anything for me.

twitter clipstore promotion

Here you see, it doesn’t. I got 5 (!) referral hits from twitter. In the last month.

But why Sinna, why doesn’t it give a huge increase in visitors when so many people see my link?

Well, most of them don’t even see it. My Patreon tells me that only 5% of followers see any tweet I post, so it would be a good idea to tweet the same tweets again. That’s not possible / doesn’t happen with clipsite tweets though.

Next thing: let’s think about who follows the clipsite’s twitter? Yea, you do. And I do. And all studios who auto-tweet do. And the rest are nearly all studios or adult-industry opportunists as well (people benefiting from being in the followers list of any clipsite, like pay services, video & photography blogs, any cross platforms or services for clip sellers / producers). Not customers.

Customers normally don’t follow your twitter for good reasons: If they give anything about what people think about them, they won’t be following any adult content producers with their personal twitter. They would need to make a porn / spam twitter account for that. Most won’t do that. It’s a hassle and accidentally mixing up accounts would be a disaster. I wouldn’t do that. Would you? Or would you rather secretly check out any updates by visiting your favorite store directly?

Exactly. In my case, bookmarks and direct hits are where most visitors come from.

So, there are barely any customers there. And the ones that are there, only have a 5% chance of seeing your tweet and probably a less than 1% chance of being into the specific thing you posted. Then, even if they were into the thing, they would probably not click on just any link. Only ones that really really interest them. If they are fast enough.

That leaves you with about..

Zero effect of twitter clipstore promotion

I just had my best week on c4s in years (post about that will follow in my protected area, as it’s obviously about earnings and secrets).

See what my twitter did during that time (I neglected it a little):

twitter clipstore promotion

So, it went a little downhill, but my sales and visitors were fine. That is because twitter has absolutely no impact on my store. If I’d get banned on twitter tomorrow, I wouldn’t even notice it from the traffic in my store.

Look at that. The past 28 days, I had 214.000 Tweet impressions and 21.600 Profile visits. That is where my link to c4s is, but it’s also in many tweets. So there were at least 22.000 people able to click my link. 5 did. 1 of them bounced. Leaves 4 people. Out of at least 22.000.

Efficiency: zero.

Effect: zero.

So is social media useless?

No, actually about 13% of my store traffic comes from social media. Just not from twitter.

My Patreon support would be interested in a traffic / advertising guide. I think that’s a great idea for my protected section (hey, would you post all details about all of your social accounts in public?). So see this thought about twitter as a small appetizer 🙂

Note: this is obviously my personal experience. Got a different opinion on twitter clipstore promotion? Share in the comments below or on my facebook page and be heard! We are all in the constant process of learning from each other.