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Welcome to the Basic Category

My site is mostly about running an adult clip store. That means you film video clips for adult audiences in one way or another and then put them up for sale in an online store. There are sites which let you open and host a clip store, so called clipsites. They make your life easy, but take a cut of your earnings. Everyone can open and run a clipstore for free. No costs. You can try it and I will help you.

No, I won't earn anything from you. I don't run a clip site. I just run clip stores on clip sites myself since a few years. I make a full income and I realized that many people, women more easily than men, could earn money like that. I work alone and so can you.

I started this site to inform about this possibility of earning money from home, on your own, in your own time. It is a great opportunity for people, including (single) moms, students, people who can't easily leave the house (anxiety, handicaps) and many others, to earn money

Just as you might have guessed, this section of my site is about the basics of running a clipstore. From learning what it is, to taking a peak behind the scenes to opening your own store with my step by step guide. It's all free.

Advanced and professional users might pick up some tricks here as well, some "oh's" and "ah's", but mostly, this section is for newcomers.

Is this website only about clipstores?

Well, not exclusively.

It's called adult income and not clipstore income, because only few people would know what to associate with a clipstore as opposed to the term adult and I did not want to specify too much, because I might want to write about different experiences that I have outside of the clipstores, like I already did with my xvideos articles.

However, my main "thing" is doing some heavy "clipstoring" and earning my money with that :) So that's my main field of knowledge.

You can start earning real money right away

Since we are talking about adult audiences, you can be naked and film pornographic and crazy fetish clips, sure! But you can also keep your clothes on, hide your face and genitals from the camera and work in a whole different way. That is absolutely possible!

In fact, many models earn a lot more than I do and they don't ever undress. They use the power of words to entice the viewer into worlds of fantasy that can make them into loyal, almost addicted customers.

There are no limits to what a clipstore can contain, other than really forbidden stuff or things that payment providers (the guys accepting money from your clients and then giving it to you, after taking a share) don't want to process for.

The clipstore is your stage.

So look around in this section of my site to learn all about the basics. Ask questions (please also ask stupid questions) in the comments. Don't be shy. Give it a try.

It's really very easy to get started and earn some money. You are not stuck with it at all.

You can stop and start anytime. Just know that it's about adult work in the widest sense. It's not necessarily about porn or the traditional sex scenes and being naked with a dildo, if you think in that direction.


Did you know about my eBook?

Sorry to interrupt here, I just wanted to tell you that my story, my vision and my Clips4Sale starter guide are now available as an eBook for just $1.99. The Guide is based on my free Clips4Sale Guide for Adult Newcomers, which is linked below.

However, the Guide linked below is almost 2 years old and you wouldn't believe how much things have changed. I re-edited all of it, re-wrote and updated it and wrote a lot of new passages into the book. It's priced at the lowest possible ($1.99) and it's formatted to be read on any device.

You can do well with all the free articles here, but to be honest, those $1.99 get you an up-to-date and complete eBook about starting your business on clips4sale, so I would just buy that and be happy. Click the book to buy it on amazon.

eBook or not, read this article:

Earn money with an adult clipstore from home powers your income On my website, you can learn how to earn money with an adult clipstore and how to improve your earnings. If you already earn money with an adult clipstore, you can get new ideas and fresh...

Read More

After you read the above article (sorry for that introduction about the agencies and thieves, but you are new and you should know that right away) you can continue with setting up your clipstore right away. My detailed step by step guide will help you.

If you bought my eBook, a heavily updated 2017 version of the guide is in there.

If you want to continue without the eBook, my guide from 2015 is still very useful. 

Read the eBook or free guide to start a clipstore of your own

Remember, you can make it about everything you wish. If you can THINK it, there is a fetish about it. It can be as harmless as yawning or ironing (those fetishes already exist). Give it a try!


Now you read two pretty important articles for total beginners. Or you didn't, no problem!

If you already "knew that shit" or already have a clipstore, but want to freshen up on some basics, stay on this page and have a look at the articles floating around on the right or below.

You can always leave and go to the advanced section of my website, which I will build pretty soon. The advanced articles already exist, scattered around this website. I will make a page for them like this basic page.

You don't have to go advanced!

If you are afraid to leave this cozy basic area, your senses are working fine. You can stay here and just enjoy running a basic clipstore on clips4sale as long as you like.

The world is a dark place and the internet even more so...

Except for this category page :)

Here, in the basic area of my website, you will find knowledge and info about your immediate surroundings - the clipstore, the admin backend, the c4s site.

You don't have to leave or step out into the "big world". However, if you wish to leave the cocoon of clips4sale and butterfly yourself into the world of other stores, social media, forums, your own website, promotion and other advancements you might find:

I have prepared a cushion and a blanket over at the Advanced Area where you can set up camp to dwell into your next adventures

There is really no need to do any of the things from the advanced sections early on. With early on, I mean at least the first 2 months after you started your store.

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