Clipstore Comparison

Today I start a clipstore comparison with the stores I have (currently yezzclips, clips4sale, manyvids)

I will keep active in every store and report traffic and sales. It’s not always fair or plausible to directly compare the stores, as many factors influence how well they do, please be aware of that.

I will keep a quick diary of all the important things I do. I might test things out and add more or less clips to certain stores or change my update behavior between stores in any way. So be aware of that when comparing the stores on a day by day basis. It is also important to note how many different clips I already had in each store.

Click on a name below to view the rating table and quick diary of that store. If you leave a rating in the comment section below each rating table, the overall rating will be influenced by the scores you gave.

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Click if you want to read why iWantClips is not listed anymore

I used to have an iWantClips account as well, but they terminated it without a warning, without a notice, without contacting me afterwards and as it turns out, without a real reason. When I asked what was going on, it took them more than a week to reply. Unthinkable.

The explanation in short is that they hired a guy high up, he was incompetent and he terminated my account just because.

They invited me officially to start another store, but refused to re-activate access to my old store (although it was still there for months after). They said that they fired the guy and that they are a hard working company and it was sort of an accident.

I was on there for over a year.

Since this is no way to treat people and basically outright ridiculous, I won’t link to iWantClips nor advise about it.

I personally won’t go there again. I know a few more things which they don’t want the public to know (but which I have documented and on file, just in case they decide to turn on me for telling you what happened to me). Most of what happened has been posted on the stripperweb forums and everyone saw how they treated me.

I do NOT suppport that company. I, personally, will stay away from them. I, personally, disagree with much more than them just terminating my account. It’s not because of this one incident that I steer clear. I used to be a big fan by the way, but they totally spoiled everything.

I have removed and edited large parts of the public discussion as a courtesy to them. Not because anything of what I said was untrue. I would of course be free to tell you all about them here on my site, but I decided to not waste energy on that. Any more words would just be publicity they don’t deserve from me.

Having said all that, in all fairness: There are models earning a nice sum there with domination clips. You’ll see the site is full of Goddesses, Princesses, Mistresses and Dominatrixxes. They attract that special audience. If you are in that niche, I’d say it’s worth a try.

(If you can accept the thought of just accidentally getting your account terminated one day with no way to get it back)


Here is an excerpt from my original post about them:

When I started a store there, I soon noticed that they are smaller than I had thought – in terms of sales. First, I thought it was a great site to sell my clips on, additionally to c4s. However, I personally found this to be an illusion created by their exaggerations and the fact that there was no traffic counter or any possibility to estimate your store’s or clips’s traffic.

They liked to announce “features” very exaggeratedly, frequently using terms as “the best” “the biggest” “the fastest” “the first”.  However, in areas that were important to me personally, like traffic, conversion, chance for exposure, extended statistics, a good admin back-end, good search function and quick support, I was disappointed with them.

Some examples of how they conduct themselves from their twitter, only from the past few hours:

“iWantClips has more 1st market features than any other site!”

“iWantClips is now the #1 clip site when it comes to payout options”

“iWantClips is offering the fastest and most reliable payouts in the industry”

“We have got the fastest FTP uploads in the industry”

When you see tweets that iWantClips is the preferred clip site of model X or Y, that is because it’s an automated tweet.

Aside from talking a lot about how good they are, whenever they fixed a bug or ran an upgrade, it was presented to me as a new feature.

I have heard from many models who didn’t earn anything worth the effort on there and I believe them. Why? First, no reason to lie. Second, without sufficient traffic, where should the sales come from? Third, I have tested it myself with hundreds of clips that did well on c4s.

I have to conclude that it’s basically a niche site for findom, goddess and princess content.

They terminated my account without a warning, without even sending so much as an email notification. A no-go for me and reason enough to warn you right away.

I still had a few hundred $ in my account when they closed it.

Upon sending several emails, they finally sent an insufficient answer confirming the termination of my account. They have not answered any email since.

Update: Received an answer after 8 days. Delay because of holidays…

If they ever close your account out of the blue, they can almost always say you violated their store operators agreement. A few quotes from the agreement, which you can access freely online:

“ specifically prohibits any content related to bestiality, rape sex, incest, sex with graphic violence or degradation, excretory functions, bodily fluids, fisting and any other content which may be judged as obscene”

Well I guess my pee store violated that agreement, as pee is a bodily fluid, although THEY wanted me to open the store and THEY added a lot of my pee clips to their pee category. THEY assured me, it would be no problem at all. But THEY had me sign this agreement. Nothing bad will happen, right? Well, if it does, THEY are insured against everything. What about you?

Wait, any content related to bodily fluids? So pussy juice, saliva, basically most sexually oriented actions are prohibited and:

“You understand that if you violate these Terms and Conditions, may terminate your account and you may forfeit any revenues”

Better not say on any forums that you had a bad sales day on iWantclips:

“You agree not to discuss any elements of customers sales in a negative connotation in public forums and similar locations.”

By the way, what are customers sales? I find this vague at best.

I don’t think it’s very professional to allow talking about “customers sales” in every other way except with a negative connotation.

Is a blog a similar location as a forum? It doesn’t matter.

If you ask me, the whole point of the agreement is to be able to throw you out at any time. In large portions, it is not compatible with running an adult clip store, yet this is what they want you to do.

Prohibit content which may be judged as obscene? On an adult clip site? They can’t be serious.

Yet they are, as is evident by the silent termination of my account.

If you start a store there and sign their store operators agreement (which you have to) your store and earnings are at their mercy.

Don’t expect a warning, a notification, an explanation or an answer when they decide to cancel your account. That is what I have learned from this.