Many things you wrote are pretty common sense when one deals with c4s and other sites. But many things were new to me but highly interesting!

My store is doing pretty well and even better since I used some of your promotion and update suggestions.

Thank you SOOO much for making this! This guide is absolutely perfect and couldn’t have come at a better time!


I will tell you that I have had a HUGE learning curve since taking my store over on Xmas eve. I am very pleased to share that the store has doubled in hits as well as income ALL due to accidentally finding/reading everything you have written that I could get my hands on.

Xmas eve, I didn’t even know how to turn the camera on….. Thank you so much!

Keep up the amazing work!

WOW well-done girl! You are a wealth of knowledge. Thanks so much!

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What a great article! I’ve been in a slump and it’s so motivating to read your site.

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Thanks Sinna for your article and and all the free advice you’ve given us so far. It’s totally worth it!

Thanks Sinna! We’ll try your product asap! :)

Awesome research Sinna ! As always ! All your advices are rock solid , and this one with xvideos is something to take a little look at least. Thanks again !

Great article as usual!

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I really like your site here simply because a) there is so little good advice out there for people in our business and b) because you talk a lot of sense. I have had a C4S studio for 6 years and I am pleased to say that I am at the top of a fairly active category. Everything I have read so far is spot on. It’s all great advice.

Thank you for posting this info. It helped me and saved me time and $$

Thank you very much for the time you put into this.
I have been in the clip making business for a little over a year but unfortunately still naive to some things. So much stuff clicked after reading this! Lol.
I also became more aware of red flags to look out for from reading your article.

Hi Sinna! Thank you so much for this incredible guide. I refer to it at least twice a day while I’m getting my c4s store up and running.

Hi Sinna, I am loving your guides!

Very nicely put together and while the detail is C4S specific, much of your advice could apply to many other business models.

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I’ve enjoyed reading the blog so far. I’m about to set up my own clips4 sale store soon once I have managed to get enough clips so that I can follow the other steps in your guides.

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Nice article, and it’s so on the ball and thought provoking!

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