Adult income was resting for a while for several reasons. Personal reasons that I might disclose in the new protected section one day, but also issues of theft and security that I had to deal with. Sites were copying my articles without permission, getting me into trouble with google just for their own gain. My store number was still on “their” screenshots! It’s sad that I had to spend so much time on all the issues. Time that I would have rather used to write new content for you.

Fighting those problems cost not only time, but money. I am financing this site all by myself. There is hosting, premium plugins, subscriptions and one time improvements that I have to pay for. It’s all adding up.

There have been offers to fund the site officially, but I have declined everything. Adult-income is an independent resource. I am not being paid to write here.

Now about that security issue: Ads were popping up when clicking links on my site. These were no Ads installed by me! I have invested into a $200 subscription with security and firewall experts. The code that caused the Ads has been identified and removed. The site has been fortified and it’s speed increased.

That process took a while, but I didn’t want to post new articles while the site was infected. It just didn’t feel good to invest my time into something that could be destroyed any moment.

Now that it’s all safe on the software side, I came up with an idea to protect my content and myself as well.

Due to the DMCA violations against me and to be able to talk freely about what I do, I will restrict certain content to subscribers. Subscriptions help me fund the site and the protection will create a safe space for you and me.

I know that I have to earn trust back. Believe me, I fought/fight all issues diligently and it hurt me that my site was being abused like that, especially when I noticed from emails and comments that you love to come here and expand your knowledge.

It hurt that I couldn’t write new content.

But I want to put that past me with your support and it’s starting today. It will take a while until I have adjusted the site and your suggestions are welcome in the comments 🙂