Hello to you and all my other readers.

I know there has not been much to read lately. Well, for months, actually. And it’s not that I didn’t think about it every single day. If you look at my clipstore – and you know that it’s my #1 priority (as I said on numerous occasions here), I have not been able to post a new clip in 6 months.

Yes, that is SIX MONTHS.

It’s so bad. I feel bad for the Patrons and all the people out there who deserve to know about these options of earning money and the best information and support they can get in setting it up. Luckily, regarding that, I have been consulting and advising on the background – through email mostly – and it made me feel a little better. Mostly because the women I helped have been doing great with their stores (keep that up!).

Regarding that, I found out something very interesting. It turns out that things did not go as downhill as I had anticipated.

Wait, if you were hoping to read about why it is that I could not update my store and write articles here (although I totally planned on doing that) – well – I would tell certain people here for sure. But I know that… let me start from the beginning. When I started adult-income.com, I thought it was a good idea to launch it using my name, Sinna. I wanted to show people that everything was 100% real and that it was possible to achieve what I did.

So I used my name and linked to my stores and people could check it all out. The downside is – and that’s coming into play now – that my customers started reading here as well. It was not unexpected and it didn’t bother me at first, but I had not anticipated that they would sign up on Patreon and then send me requests. Let alone get inside the protected area. I know, I was stupid. I just thought “why would they bother learning about running a clipstore”. But as you might know, some of them were not interested in that. They were just interested in finding out as much as possible about me. Duh. I know, I should have seen that coming and it’s my fault.

However, it’s a reality now. And my protected area – that I wanted to have to be able to write about personal things – is not really protected anymore. So, to conclude this line of thought, I can not tell you about why I have not been able to work for 6 months.

Yes, I had another baby. That is no secret. There are obvious, huge pregnant belly clips in my stores. And when there is a huge belly, then there is a birth coming up. That’s no rocket science. So I admit to all of that. Long term fans know that I have had several bellies along the way, so there is the fact that there are multiple kids jumping around here. Well one of them is not really jumping. So that is where my time goes. All of my time. I swear, on several days in the past months, I have not had time to brush my teeth, comb my hair or go to the toilet. So there was absolutely no window to do anything work/leisure/sex/fun related. And sadly, there was no time to publish here.

I had to have several hours to get adult-income going first, which I just did today. The site needed 29 updates and had moved to a new server, so there was a lot to do before I could even start writing a new post.

However, I did that. And I will do more and more now. I absolutely thank the Patrons who stayed on board during this whole time. It meant more to me than you might imagine. I felt support from people who don’t even know me for a cause that is very important to me but that I couldn’t pursue.

The changes on clips4sale have been so interesting. I would want to dive in TODAY. I actually filmed 1 clip already. I know that’s not a lot. To my standards… well, it used to be nothing. But after what you just read, you can imagine that it’s pretty big for me right now. It means things are getting back to where I need them to be.

The changes also mean that a lot of my articles will become pretty useless in a few months, as c4s will become a completely new site. I want to use that switch to also switch A-I into the direction I always wanted it to be in – growing and offering information and help on multiple ways of earning money. Not just c4s. Best case scenario, be a community that has a strong voice and sticks together in a world where we are all just a stagename or a brand. It IS possible to trust and help each other while staying anonymous. There needs to come and end to how we are being treated in so many occasions, “just” because we have to stay anonymous and can’t organize ourselves as well. Just think about every single standard DMCA form that requires your real name and address and that is then being sent to the violating party. The need for anonymity just makes us unable to work but it’s also the very reason most of us can work in the first place.

There needs to be more organization, a strong voice. And I know that I can do it. I can offer that platform in late 2018. I want to do it. So there is that. I will take help on board to create this dream. And I will use the Patreon money 100% to fuel this dream and make it happen. So don’t worry about this website being slow as a sloth. It greatly impairs me in the admin backend as well. It’s a total joke. But building a new site from scratch just isn’t possible right now and seen that I built this one without any help, self-taught – it’s not too bad actually.

However, I will link the new wave of a-i power to a new website for sure. Your Patronship helps me with this. All the people who profit from this in the future will thank you.

So let’s get back to what I wanted to say originally. That it all hasn’t gone as downhill as I thought. Actually, and I couldn’t believe it when I saw that, I am currently #1 again in my main category and I have been in the top 3 most of the time, with several weeks on #1 – without posting a single update. The month of December was better than a year ago. Although I updated daily last year. It was an amazing Christmas surprise.

So to all customers who secretly read here, thank you as well. I am really a hard working person and we are thankful to have a roof and food. No money is being wasted or spent on useless things around here.

My store on #1, six months after my last update

I will increase my activity whenever possible. You will see 🙂

xxx Sinna