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On my website, you can learn how to earn money with an adult clipstore and how to improve your earnings. If you already earn money with an adult clipstore, you can get new ideas and fresh knowledge. You might find interesting information you didn’t know about.

…but first, a thing that concerns me: people who steal our money

If you visited websites before mine where people promised you a lot of money as a camgirl, clip producer, running adult tube sites or any other adult related money earning opportunities, please read just this one concern of mine before you go back to them:

You know all too well that there are a lot of rotten apples in the anonymity of the internet. It’s completely up to you whom you trust and what you believe.

I just want to warn you about one thing and that is so important to me that I just had to put it right here:

A lot of these websites are run by people who try to earn money through affiliate links and nothing more. That means if you sign up for a cam / tube / clip or whatever site by clicking a link on their site, they will receive a commission.

Now there is nothing wrong with that, however, a LOT of those people have NO clue, have NEVER run any adult business and they DON’T CARE about you at all, which sadly means just one thing:

Oftentimes, these website owners and their affiliate links will LOSE you money.

You can work as hard as you want but you will always earn less money after signing up through their links. It’s nearly impossible to get out once you signed up through them, because of their contracts and the data you gave them.

Watch out for Studios or Agents

A common scheme is to refer you to a cam model studio or agent, which promises you a lot of money. They are right. You can earn a lot of money camming.

However you don’t need a studio or agent to sign you up. You can just sign up by yourself. If you sign up through them, you will most likely lose money. If you sign up for a studio or an agent through an affiliate link, you lose twice:

The affiliate person gets a cut of your earnings from the agent or studio and the studio or agent keeps a cut of your earnings as well

On top of that those shady strangers get your personal data and bank information although they do nothing but steal a share of your earnings.

There are very few studios or agents who actually do something for you: Help with DMCA takedowns, provide computers / cam, provide a place to work, provide toys, clothes, do your taxes and more. Do your research. Honest companies or agents have no problem showing you what exactly they do for you. If you think they are worth a cut of all your earnings, by all means, go for it. If they just sign you up to cam sites, which is what most of them do, they actually do nothing but steal your money. You don’t need them. Any person can just sign up to any camsite by themselves. You don’t need to sign up through a third party that takes a share of all your earnings going forward.

Get more info on the camgirlwiki or on ocamgirl. The comments on ocamgirl show you how many girls get caught by those studios and agencies

Any ethical person would never post any affiliate links where you, as a website visitor, lose money. Needless to say, you won’t find any crooked affiliate links on this website. You can read and click all of my links and sign up for stuff completely risk free. If anything, a website might pay a commission out of THEIR own pockets. It won’t affect your money at all. Moreover, I will warn you about bad deals because I have had my share of bad experiences myself. I am a producer and camgirl myself.

Clear your cookies

If you have been on any other sites promising you to earn money before, you should clear your cookies. If they set a cookie in your browser, you still lose money even if you don’t use their link anymore.

Cookies have a “life”, that means they stay active for a certain amount of time, often up to 30, 60 or even 90 days. If you just clicked an affiliate link ONCE, even if you sign up 40 days later by going straight to the webcam site, you could still lose money.

In your browser, go to settings, search for cookies. You can either delete them all, but that will also delete “friendly” cookies, or you can search for the particular cam / stream / tube / clip site and delete the cookies for that site only. After that, you can go to that site by typing the url in your browser and then sign up there personally.

Note: The affiliates to the camsites themselves don’t necessarily take money from you. Most affiliate systems work in a way where the affiliate is paid by the website, not by getting a cut of the referrals (your) earnings. There are plenty of examples where you lose money though, so I recommend to always sign up by yourself. Go directly to the cam page or site you want to work on. You will find a sign-up link there.

If you read “studio” or “agent” then be VERY careful or just GET THE HELL OUT and clear your cookies. Use another browser or computer if you need to.

For example, a lot of girls work on myfreecams (mfc).

You can read about signing up with them here:

You can go to their site here:

No need for a studio or agent. No need to sign up through an affiliate link.

Some sites offer you “higher payouts” and “more money” if you sign up through them. It’s a trap. It’s bullshit. It’s a lie. Get out of there and sign up by yourself. That is how you get most money.

Life goes on

Thank you for reading this. I would add links to the most infamous thieving sites, but I don’t want you to get caught, because these people can be very convincing. Like con artists. They perfected the art of stealing your money while you even agree to it and give them your bank information and log ins.

Let’s quickly digest that.

If you signed up through a studio or agent and worked hard, chances are you got less money than you actually earned. It’s tough. I can’t help you with it. I have been a victim of that myself, when I was less experienced, I signed up through a studio that is still well known and ranking high in google. As we speak, they steal money from honest people and it’s perfectly legal. Makes me sick and sad.

Needless to say, as soon as I found out that I was being used, I stopped camming all together for these sites. I cam for myself today, I can show you indie methods where you keep not only all of your share, but your share is a lot higher than on cam sites.

Most of all, I can show you how to make money with a clip store, which is pretty nice and a good alternative / addition to camming. Once your clips are up, you can earn money even when you are sleeping, which is awesome.

So, let’s dive into the purpose of this very homepage 🙂

Adult-income helps you to earn your own money from home

I am Sinna and this is not yet another “get rich fast” site, although I agree the website name sounds a bit like it. It’s neither a site run by a completely clueless person who pretends to tell you about things that earn you money while actually earning money only by telling you what earns you money, without ever earning you any money.

This is a real effort to share my experiences and knowledge and my goal is that you earn money on your own, just like me. I am completely honest, up to the point where it gets naive. I could be earning a lot more if I didn’t have a conscious, but I am the kind of person asking if I could have another piece of cake while another person just comes in and takes the whole thing.

If being honest, playing by the rules, missing out on cash because of ethics and principles is not for you, you can still read here and laugh about how stupid I am. Because I agree, my honesty borders stupidity and I admit, I can get angry at the people just taking the cake by cutting corners.

However, I am not stupid. I like the way I do things. I can sleep well and I stand behind my work. I can look at my children and feel like I am doing good. One day they might find out that, through hard, honest and diligent work I have achieved something pretty decent:

I earn all our money from home, on my own, in my own time, perfectly legal and ethical!

earn money with an adult clipstore

Earnings can increase steadily

My goal is to enable every visitor of this website a basic income of at least 1000$ a month with a wealth of options to earn more. is a complete resource for people who are in need of (extra) income, but with an adult twist. The focus lies on (fetish) niches.

This method has been proven to work by several starters who came to this site and now earn at least $1000 / month and are continuing to earn more as you read this.

I myself started a new store to test my method and within 5 months I reached $1000+, earning $3227.35 in the process – earning more every day, with only a few hours of work every week. If you put in more hours, you can earn a full time income. I am here to help.

Everything you need to know to make $5000 / month and up is right here on this page. Yes, seriously and honestly, you can achieve that.

My approach is earning first, investing later. You never have to invest more than you earn. You can only win / earn money.

You should never have a negative balance at the end of the month. The only thing you do need is a digital camera / smartphone / webcam and a computer and a LOT of motivation and dedication.

I am honest and I will tell you right away, that this website won’t make you crazy rich (over night). You can earn “enough” to make a good living. Car, house, kids, food and such. As a single person you might even become a little rich 😛 It’s almost perfect for students.

If you already have enough money or would be considered rich, congratulations. I hope you are a good person and support the less fortunate. Your help and knowledge is most welcome here and you can still learn how to be an adult clip store owner.

Build a solid business – earn money with an adult clipstore

As most people know, the adult industry (porn industry) makes billions of dollars each year. Let’s get a piece of that.

Don’t be scared, I am not suggesting you do hardcore porn. In fact, you would not imagine how much harmless, everyday behavior is considered adult or pornographic when seen in the light of the term fetish.

Read the story of this girl who does fart fetish clips

I focus on solid business building and safe money earning, there is basically no financial risk.

Take just a few minutes of your time to explore my site and if you feel that you are not ready for it, you can always leave. If you ever decide to give it a try, I’ll be here for you.

This site is honest and aims to be full of incredible value that will earn you money. How much is basically up to you, but I am sure you will earn something.

Okay Sinna, tell me more

Who is this site for? is my project to help adults get to work in an industry I know a few things about. It can also help people already earning money in adult businesses. I want to focus on adults, men and women, who have trouble making ends meet or finding a job at all. Therefore, most knowledge on adult-income is available to you for free.

Earn money with an adult clipstore – but in your own comfort zone

Imagine you could earn money online no matter who you are. You can even stay anonymous, keep your clothes on and do nothing more weird than vacuum cleaning or ironing. You might not be aware of it, but I just told you about two fetish categories that you could build your business around. Maybe not the most profitable categories, but fans do spend real money on ironing and vacuuming videos. No joke.

What you will have to do – provided you don’t have someone else do it for you – is be on camera with at least some part of your body. I found it to be a very weird feeling and difficult at first, but it’s not that bad once you get started. On top of that, being in front of a camera can be learned. Look at Hollywood. There is also an increasing demand for audio-only content. You can earn money by being creative and talking into a microphone.

You never have to show your genitals or perform sexual acts at all. Nose, lips, finger, toe – all fetish niches that you can start in. You can start in your comfort zone and learn to be on camera. When you feel good about it, you can always expand your horizon. I won’t coerce you to do it, don’t worry. It’s entirely up to you.

earn money with an adult clipstore

Some make-up can disguise you surprisingly well

If you want to show your whole body, use a little make-up and a wig and you won’t be recognizable.

Google “pornstarts without makeup” if you don’t believe that 🙂

You can be as extreme or as harmless as you want. My website and I will help you either way.

Note: If you want to be nude, extreme, teasing, dominant, hardcore fetish indulging and naughty, I welcome you to be that way! Don’t think this website is only for vanilla (= soft erotic scenes).

I just start the introduction about that, because most people probably already have a picture of the adult industry that is more extreme than the reality and that could make them shy away from a very good money earning opportunity.

That would be sad.

By telling people, coming to this site without any plans to start as an adult model, about how harmless it can be, I hope to help them get curious about it and not exclude it as a possibility to earn money from the get-go.

Kinky people will already have fetishes ready to explore and won’t be skeptical about the possibilities. That’s all.

It’s really up to you what you do now. Explore this adult idea for the first time and advance into earning money with it, just enhance your knowledge or even leave. You do what feels right, because you are the boss.

Get Started

You want to earn money with an adult clipstore now? Okay let’s do it. Here are some suggestions to start:

If you are totally new to this adult money earning thing, then I recommend reading my article “Income by Accident – How I Started on Clips4sale

You think you are up for it and want to build a solid and safe adult business?

  1. Read my Rookie Guide: Clips4sale for Adult Newcomers, a Complete Guide (56 pages)
  2. Read my Beginners Guide: Promotion and updating – Clipstore Guide for Beginners (32 pages)

Want to start making money right away without reading too much?
Then follow the steps in my Adult Income Quick Start Guide.

Already earn money with an adult clipstore?

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This site is constantly under construction and I write for you every day.

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Our mantra here is:

Don’t focus on money. Be honest, creative, friendly, work hard and the money will come to you.

Sincerely yours,

XXX Sinna