I posted a reply on a forum where they are sharing (my) clips openly. The forum owners do nothing against it, they encourage it. Some users there are greedy and don’t care, some try to be famous or something by offering clips for free which they themselves paid for. There are users there who post that they have bought 100’s of (my) clips and they offer them for trade. I wonder why they buy clips and then offer them for free or trade them, hurting their favorite models tremendously. Side note: there are nice users as well who would probably be customers and not share or upload clips illegally, but I wouldn’t say that they won’t download what is offered to them for free.

After I watched this forum – and especially a thread where they offer my clips – for months (I didn’t even DMCA them, I wanted to let them know what happens to their favorite videos if they pirate the producers clips), I wrote a final post, because they didn’t seem to understand why I (“favorite model of all time” for some of them) would not post more pregnancy clips on my c4s page. So I wrote the following post and they deleted it and banned me within the next hour or so. What I can say before you read this post: you could make money in preggo fetish, but not as it is now. And your clips WILL be pirated and illegally uploaded, I swear. So maybe we can get these guys to rethink by just holding back on all pregnancy clips for a year. Or ten. I bet it will get boring watching the same old clips and they start to wonder if they maybe should have bought some clips to actually appreciate the people making it.

Okay joke is on me, but it was a nice try. I know that women will continue posting preggo clips, not knowing that their clips will be all over the web within hours, while they earn $10. But maybe my post, this very post, reaches some of you. There are niches where the leading forums / sites strictly prohibit copyrighted content postings. Pregnancy is NOT one of them. In farting, you could at least talk to the guys without getting banned, but they don’t forbid sharing. In transformation and desperate holding, also in growth fetish, I found forums that prohibit posting of pirated content and sharing or trading of such. Generally, we have a long way to go to educate and filter the customers who let us survive to make nice clips.

So here is my post, which I saved, knowing fully well that they will be idiots about it and probably ban me:


Hey guys,

I am still following this. I made a pause (results of the pregnancy) but I am back now. I also have about 70+ pregnancy diary clips with measuring and weighing, oil rubbing, masturbation, all throughout the pregnancy. It would be a complete diary of a young pregnant girl developing a HUGE belly. Then I also have more videos where I have sex with that huge belly, with belly job, cum on belly and everything. I really enjoyed myself during my pregnancy, also sexually and with an intimate camera filming, because I like to be filmed during sex. I also get a turn on when I know you are watching me, you paid money to see ME, of all the girls. It’s a fetish of mine to be that special girl you want. I wanted to post the videos for you but I obviously need to hold these videos back until some thought patterns in some people change. As it is, I can’t enjoy myself in front of the cam, knowing the videos will be spread for free, I can’t live doing it, so I have to get a job (plus think about what I got from the pregnancies) so I have basically no time left to make clips AND you steal my turn on by seeing I made a sale and someone paid money to see me naked, naughty, vulnerable. Strange fetish? I don’t think there is such a thing. Look at where we are. Everything is a fetish.

Thanks for being my fan, but offering trades and download links, even in public like this? It’s just a punch in the face – or in my pregnant belly, if you like. Definitely a reason for me to hold back on all the videos, even if I know it keeps my honest fans from getting great videos they would definitely enjoy, it keeps me from enjoying what I do and it forces me to have a “normal” job where I don’t have time left to be your favorite girl.

It’s a very sad situation.

I have had this situation in my other fetish, peeing. They wanted to see who could pee the most. I made a 1,4 – 1,5 – 1,6L clip range. They wanted to see more. But they wanted it for free and shared the videos. Essentially taking every motivation away to make these videos. Burning the models they love most, because they want everything for free and never think about the models.

I know you want to believe that models, women, housewives like me are just so turned on by the mere fact, that they constantly WANT to make free videos for you. But we live in a real world. I want to turn you on, but I also need food, clothes, rent. Yes, boring. But if you want me to be able to film freely and be naughty and really be myself, you understand that I can’t have worries over very basic things like “how am I going to pay rent” “how do I put food on the table” etc. I can’t let go and be free and just enjoy when I have these worries – and when I know that the clip I am making at that very moment, is going to earn about $10 and is then being downloaded for free 9000 times.

I swear: would I make the money to live freely – and I don’t mean luxurious, just rent, food, clothes, basic things. Not having to worry, you would see the most authentic, naughty, sexy clips ever in regularly posted updates. Because I am a naughty girl by heart, I do things your wives would never even think, but I can’t be worried all the time. And pirating makes me worry a lot. Financially but also personally. You just toy with my needs, you don’t care, you just burn me whenever you like and then demand something from me.

I offered my clips for very normal prices, knowing fully well that I have made very nice pregnancy sex clips. I hear people talk about them very positively. I hoped that you, as a community, would appreciate that. But you force two things:

1) not selling the clips at all and just leaving them to dust (although next to the fun, a lot of work went into them as well. Lots of hours in front of the camera and behind the computer)
2) in case I starve because of your actions, I would be forced to sell them, but then for a very high price, so whoever buys them would be discouraged to just freely leave them for anyone else to download.

In case you think I am rich and this isn’t a fulltime job: you are wrong twice. And with the results of these beautiful pregnancies, I need to earn money for a family. I just can’t say “okay fuck it, these guys are so cool, they get everything for free because I don’t have needs”

Last words: I know that a lot of you are honest. I know that some of you are very good customers of mine, some obviously because my goods are “hot” and make for nice trade material, but most because they enjoy my clips. It’s a real shame. Really. Both sides could be very happy. But the system you create here is like in a lot of other niche communities; it kills any possibilities for your favorite models to keep making clips. You burn them like nothing. Then you wonder “what happened to her”. Well you did.

Sorry to all the honest guys. I have these clips right here. In a perfect world, I would have posted them and then created a lot more, probably even did live streams for free and invited customers to have fun with. I am really a girl who enjoys this. I get turned on from selling clips. How amazing is that? I enjoy myself and I could do it all the time. But I can’t ignore the selfish abuse here. My other clips get pirated too, yes. I stop that wherever I can. But ever thought about how sensitive the subject of pregnancy is for me? For all women? You should be really nice if you want the very special clips, but you just punch models in the face and think “the next will come, pregnancies are temporary anyway”. There is no respect at all.

Shame on you.

Whoever read this can never again say he didn’t know the producer’s side of the story. This is a very delicate niche. I thought very good about making any pregnancy clips at all. With this behavior, you have already lost other models. I know about sexy girls who ask about pregnancy clips on big model forums. They get discouraged to make and post any, because every girl confirms that they will get pirated right away and it won’t be worth it. You won’t see a second of those pregnancies.

You should try and change the way you consume your fetish and it would be long lasting, enjoyable and a win-win to both sides. I know the transformation community buys all the clips and forbids sharing. Because they got it. They get great content, high quality, very sexy, a lot of work put into it. They can ask free requests and the models are happy to make them because they get rewarded. You could get such great clips. I got a few of them right here myself, I would have made a lot more.

Think about it. 


So that was my post and all they did was delete and ban. I even emailed the admin, no answer. Very sad. I put a lot of hours into these clips, but if I ever offer them, it will be $500 a piece or something. Because I don’t see how they could pirate and share them even more than they already do, so I might as well make them pre-pay for a hundred of these. One of my clips there got downloaded about 9000 times, it actually is like $17.99 in my store. So there you can calculate the damage done. Would have made lovely clips for a fraction of that amount, but no, they don’t want you to survive. They just don’t care one bit about the girl in the clip.

Stay safe girls and if you can, hold on to these pregnancy clips. Don’t feed their greed. It won’t be worth it financially or psychologically. You film yourself with that beautiful gift inside of you, you doubt whether you should post the videos and then you see that you get spread across the internet like wildfire. No control over who sees it. No earnings from it. And a community leading forum which encourages the pirating.

No chance for you.