Introduction to the book

This text was originally in the book, but I removed it because it is not really about clips4sale or what the book is about. It is more of a general observation that I wanted to give a thought.

A metaphor

Just to make you realize what you got yourself into, I’ll give you an impression of my earnings tab (in the book).

Before you go on, let me explain: This is like showing a kid the ice cream that’s for dessert, before it even started eating the not-so-tasty lunch.

With kids, it just works to make them want the dessert so much more. It often doesn’t work to make them eat the lunch. Sometimes it does, just enough to get them through.

That’s when they start to learn what’s required to get the dessert.

If the parents don’t give in.

Since this is the real world and there are no parents around, you’ll have to eat all of the not-so-tasty lunch.

Well, there is one exception:

If you want to skip some of the lunch to get to the dessert faster, you can, but you’ll get less dessert.

In any case, you can eat your lunch in a real fun way and parts of it might even be delicious.

Okay, enough with the metaphor.


I am not showing this for the serious readers

You will soon notice that I am not a fan of money at all. I am just showing this earnings tab right away, because at least 60% of people reading this demand some sort of “earnings proof” – that is a term coined by people who try to run or replicate all kinds of online earning possibilities.

I actually don’t believe that much in people looking for this proof of earning, because in reality, they look for easy money. And there is no easy money. Which is why they keep looking.

The fact that there are so many people looking to make money just proves that there are many people who have not started earning.

Why do they never actually start anything that could earn them the money they are looking for?

Because they are motivated to SEARCH for a magical way to get rich fast.

They are not motivated to WORK.


Are you a searcher or a worker?

It’s like: “Let’s look around and find the method that earns me millions of money in a short amount of time without doing much. Like start one website and that just magically turns into a six-figure passive income”

And that explains the thousands of scam websites and useless books that tell you how to get rich. They are made by abusers who abuse the fact that people search for ways to make money. They just endlessly milk the hordes of SEARCHERS.

Meanwhile, the searchers just skip through books and websites until they found the earnings proof they want. And then THEY FIND IT. Why?

Because the people writing that stuff know that their target group is a group of searchers. They don’t want to attract actual workers, because those workers will find out very soon that the described method doesn’t work at all.

The searchers buy the book / access to the website / course / whatever, then read a little, then do this and that a little. Then NOT get rich, but credit that to the fact that they did too little.

Then skip that method and search for a NEW method that will make them rich even more easily.

Because, you know, maybe there is another method that gets you rich, by doing little to nothing, but you just have not found it yet.

Some searchers never realize that by buying all these methods that were never meant to work, they actually made that method produce a valid earnings proof.

That abuser can now show you a million in sales, because you bought that method with which they presumably made that million. The method does not exist. YOU are the method.

Milking searchers is the only method 99% of these people actually have set up.


Stop searching

All my earnings described in the book have nothing to do with you or your money. It’s all about what I created and generated from customers of my clipstore, not from you or anyone supporting my adult-income project.

All the support for adult-income goes back into that project to help anyone start earning something extra.

So why do I show the earnings proof?

I am not only trying to help people earn extra income, I also hope to get some searchers to settle, sit down and start DOING.

Seriously, I wrote this whole thing step by step, in my free time, so everyone could follow along.

My “method”, “system” or whatever the “get rich online” people call it, is ACTUALLY WORKING.

It’s funny that those words can be understood in two ways, because that just hits the nail on the head.

I meant them literally. You need to work. I know you don’t like to hear it, but you do.

The good thing is, it WILL pay off.

The best thing is, from this paragraph onward, I hope I only have serious readers left.

The searchers can go on searching now.

Suggested google keywords are “get rich fast” “online millionaire” “how to get rich online” and combinations of those.

I am sure you will find absolutely great and astonishing results that you can do “TODAY for just $4.99 instead of $6000”


The real workers will grab a copy… STOP!


Beware the abusers

Stop what? There would have normally been a short sales talk about the book and a link to it now. However, everything you read was just a setup to show you something.

I wrote this post just like the abusers do, to show my deep disrespect to the abusers and give you insight in their methods.

Abusers take money from people who don’t have any. Their target group is literally a poor group of people. No rich person in the world is searching for a way to get rich.

I despise the abusers. I hate their way of writing. And I stand hopeless with the knowledge that their methods, not the content, but selling that useless content as something valuable, are actually working.

You will always find the same schemes:

  • There is always “only x left”. Seriously, an ebook is almost sold out? I can’t believe that people fall for that.
  • Foot-in-the-door. First, give your email for this and that free book. Then pay a little for this and that add-on. Then pay a little more.. then.. you get lured in step by step without noticing
  • Huge discounts. “Only today, my complete system for $4999 $6.99”
  • Small prices next to big. A little like huge discounts, you can get the “whole professional system” for, let’s say $12000 but you can try the “home version” just today for only $49.99 $29.99
  • Made-up words. They all make up funky names for everything.
  • Making “in” and “out” groups. They write texts in a way which create two groups: One unsuccessful group of people and a contrasting, successful group. Of course you envision yourself in the successful group, which is always the group the product is tailored to. Since you were subconsciously put into that group, you find yourself in a dilemma where, to continue being part of the successful group, you would actually have to buy the product of the abuser. Example: Are you a searcher or a worker? Rings a bell? You want to be a worker and the eBook is for workers, right? The searchers should go on, they don’t need the eBook of success, they will remain unsuccessful anyway. I hope I made this clear and I am sorry to have “tricked” you. It was only for the purpose of showing you hands-on how this dirty marketing strategy works.
  • Fake results. Or results that actually show how hard they scammed you and others, not the results from their “actual” method. Of course these are always about six-figures or millions.
  • Fake testimonials. Peter from whatever is totally shocked. At first he thought this was a scam, but then the millions just rolled in on his account. Thank you mister magical online get rich abuser!
  • Fake Secrecy. “Managers don’t want you to know this secret” “What rich people never share” etc.
  • Fake security. “100% proven” “guaranteed” “30-day money back” – almost every time you can get your money back, there is a catch. For example, you can’t cancel and continue using – e.g. a customized log in to their get-rich-software (which has a fancy name of course) that you have set up during several days. If you cancel, you lose all the progress you made. If you bought a “get rich in 100 days” system, you are unlikely to cancel after 30 days. You don’t even know if it works and cancelling would mean you gave up. It’s simple math. 5 people more sign up because of the money back guarantee, but only 1 will actually take the refund. The abuser made 4 sales more because of that guarantee. If he didn’t, he wouldn’t offer it. Believe me.

As you see, you find none of these schemes on my site, although I know all about them. They DO work, are proven psychological marketing tactics (=tricks) and literally put millions into the accounts of the abusers while I shake my head and hope for some miracle humanity to happen.

The thing is, honest people with ethical standards, who want to show you a really nice product, will never use any of these tactics on you, because it makes them sick to trick you.

Then they go broke, because they don’t get anyone to buy their product. The rich abusers win and the honest methods never come to light.

That’s it. No happy end.

Today, I hope we have built a level of trust. I hope you are interested in the contents of my book just because you trust that I have diligently and honestly put a lot of effort into presenting a really nice, working method to you.

It’s been a long read, but honestly, the book is longer. So there :p If you digested all of the information until now, your dessert is waiting inside the book. Note that it is a book for starters who want to open a clipstore. It’s not about actually running the store. It contains my experiences with starting on clips4sale and general information that total newcomers find interesting, like what a clipsite is, if it’s worth opening a store, what the benefits are and of course the step-by-step guide to visiting c4s for the first time and ending up with a solid store that can accept payments. You can read my old guide to get an impression of how detailed that is and what it includes.

However, you can also get the eBook. I put it at the lowest possible price, at $1.99. To not be worth that, it has to be enormously bad and I can assure you, it is not. I worked many days and nights on it and I am happy with what I put up.

It’s meant to be the foundation that I build information for newcomers on, which is the core and passion of my adult-income project. So you bet that I put everything I got into that. Have a look at my revision process:

Interested? Click the book to go to amazon and have a look inside