Clipstore knowledge versus website health

I realized why I don’t get as many articles up as I have written and why other blogs on the internet always have these 5 or 10 “things” posts. You know, 10 things you need to know about babysitting, 5 ideas for Christmas. The 5 best ways to make him love you. 10 things couples use in bed. These kind of articles. They are everywhere. Especially on social media, as teasers.

I have several drafts of nice articles which are just not finished yet, so I didn’t publish them. Either some nice pictures are missing, I need to embed them into a bigger picture that is not ready yet or they are too short. Something is always missing. Now I don’t need everything to be perfect (well, a little bit maybe) but I want to put up quality articles and I want my articles to give my website a good ranking for the keywords I use. For example I would wish to get more single moms to my site, just because I think it’s a great opportunity for them to learn about making money from home, on their own. Right now, no single mom will find me on google, because I have (until just now) never mentioned the keyword / term “single mom” on my website. So a single mom googling “single mom online earning” or “mom earning from home” – or whatever they could be entering – will never find my website.

On the other hand, writing a huge article about single moms earning money with a clipstore would not help anyone here on my site, since you are already here, right? So I have this little dilemma of writing condensed knowledge but also having a healthy site with articles that give good rankings in google.

Clipstore knowledge versus sensation

Like, why do I have my first earnings on the front page? Honestly, I don’t even want to have my earnings anywhere, except maybe in the dark room, the private and protected section of my website, because it can motivate others to see where I started. It’s also an indication for models running a clipstore themselves.

However, just like these “5 or 10 things” thingies, if I gave no indication whatsoever about how much you could earn here, no one would be interested. And as a rule of thumb on the internet, those that allegedly show how you “make $10000 in your sleep” get way more attention than those shouting “wow, I sold a clip for $10.99”. People know the $10k is not true, yet they subscribe for that free ebook and then buy that other ebook which shows all these methods of how you get crazy rich, costing not $600, not $200, no, only $5.99 – but only today! Limited offer!

Why? Because we want to believe it. And because $5.99 is cheap enough to make us afraid that we missed out on a $10000 money making method although we were just $5.99 away. Not to mention the other tricks they pull on us, like the limited offer which is never true and the gigantic reduction in price, although this thing never ever cost anything else than $5.99. It will also be $5.99 tomorrow and the day after, of course. These are all lies.

So I kind of have to create some sensation. And I am not good at that, it’s pretty obvious. I am more of the honest type, which is directly interfering with common internet marketing (= lying). I also have ethics, which closes the door on pretty much everything else (= not telling the whole truth). I just try to write good articles, which makes me sloooow. And me being slow means, nothing is going forward. Neither for me, nor for you. That’s bad.

Clipstore knowledge versus nothing

So, instead of pondering, waiting, drafting, doing a tweet here, a website change there, a new concept in my head, I think I found a way. I’ll just put out fast knowledge as well, but in a high quality. The idea is that it’s condensed, useful and fast and probably missing nice pictures. Meaning no good ranking but maybe a few social shares, which could lead to a few more visitors that could find my site helpful. That would also cover the whole sensation thing, because fast, helpful knowledge that spreads between real people is worth much more than numbers and statements someone wants to make you believe.

So this is it. I’ll just write down stuff and publish it. I might add pictures later, because they are so nice to have and good for google ranking as well, but they hold me back. It’s difficult to find the right pictures. It sometimes takes longer than writing the whole article. However, it looks stupid on the front page if an article has no picture… arrr! Dilemma again..

Okay, I said I’d just do it, so I’ll start now. Otherwise, I just end up publishing 1 article each month instead of daily, which I originally wanted to do (until I noticed how long everything took and how complicated even simple things on a website can be… and the issues I had)

Clipstore knowledge fast and tidy

My idea? Create my online course for starters, change the menu and.. Haha.. make these 5 and 10 thing thingies! They’ll help you and maybe you help me by sharing, right? Let’s just try it.

.. okay, I need to find a picture for this post now. It just doesn’t look good without one. Sorry, this might take a while..