Clipstore customers are People like in newcastle upon tyne

Clipstore customers are humans

First of all, customers are humans. When I look around adult industry forums or other adult business resources, I often read things that I can’t believe people seriously put down. Some producers have no respect at all for customers, they seem to see them as useless, stupid things that give them money. And I don’t mean producers who do that because the customers like it, like in domination. I mean producers talking to each other about how to squeeze the customers for most money. And only that.

It’s outrageous and makes me very angry. You know I sometimes got too close and made friends with customers, which is not a good idea. But being an asshole that thinks it’s better than the customers is much worse in my opinion. If you think you can treat customers like garbage (again, I am not talking about professional degradation that the customer actually wants), leave my site immediately. I don’t want you here.

Having said that, there are a lot of different kinds of customers. Some are funny, some are strict, polite, mean, friendly and all in between and around and mixed.

Some are not even customers, but you don’t know that before you talked to them 😛

Speaking of which: Secondly, if you are not talking to your customers (not providing any means of contacting you) you save a lot of time, but you lose out on great benefits as well. To me, these benefits outweigh the time investment.

I want to introduce you to a few persona’s and tell you something about my experience with them.

Note: If you are a customer of mine and think you recognize yourself, maybe in a negative way, please note that this is the world behind the clipstore. Your doctor might talk different about you after you left the room. In fact, everyone might, even your friends. There are always exceptions, so if you think you recognize yourself in a negative way, it is probably a coincidence.

Think about how people recognize themselves in horoscopes. It’s just a human thing to take things personal that are not necessarily about anyone in particular. I did not have certain clipstore customers in mind when writing this, as I did not have a list or notes.

Except for the stalker. I thought exactly about you. I am glad you are gone.


Customers and those who aren’t

It’s a pity that I did not make a list when I got to know these kinds of people. I could have saved up some material and provided original quotes for each type. But I am not sad about it, because this way, no customer knows what I think about him, because I don’t have anyone in particular in mind.

The horny / drunk guy

Usually a regular customer who has bought your clips before. Usually a polite person when sober 😛 They all of a sudden contact you full-on, with dirty language. Very dirty stuff. You won’t recognize your polite regular customer anymore. It’s quite cute.

They are normally quite shy but now they found the courage (whether in liquor or hormones) to tell you what they would really like to do if they could. Tells you a lot about the person itself as well as about their sexual preferences. Since these are often regulars, I try to remember those things to make their clips even more exciting in the future.

I tell them that I understand their desires and that their ideas are certainly lovely. Sometimes I mention that they are obviously drunk or very horny and that I understand that and they don’t have to feel bad about it. I feel honored that they get so aroused by fantasizing about me.

I often get an apology back the next day. I like those customers a lot.

The girl who is a guy

So, Priscilla tells me that she admires my work, has watched a few of my clips and she – as a girl – could learn a lot from them. She suggests we chat a bit and asks how the kids are doing and what I made for dinner.

Of course it seems like a perfect plan to get closer to me. Pretend you are in the same situation and chat about “womenly” things to break the ice. I don’t blame them at all.

I mostly answer very shortly. If they keep writing and writing although you basically show no interest or tell them you understand, but you don’t have time to chat, then it’s pretty clear to me what is going on.

On top of that I have to ask myself (this was prior to where did a woman find my contact information? Probably on an 18+ pee site. Is that a place where women search for contacts? Normally not, but it’s certainly possible!

Does a woman buy my clips? Well, those who do, I know them. However, not many women are called Walter White, yet he paid for my clips.  (Yes I made that name up. I would never disclose customer information.)

They often stop writing or just contact you with their ‘real’, male fake-name

The suggester

The suggester is often a non-buyer (broke?) or a very hesitant guy. He suggests all kinds of things to you. Not to make a request, just to suggest things that “totally, 100% everyone would buy and love to watch”. In my early days, I made many requests thinking: “this guy knows it, this is going to be great.”

Most clips didn’t even sell once.

I think they somehow want to help you out or contribute, maybe to get something in return. I am not sure, but I don’t weigh suggestions too heavy anymore. I have learned that it is just an opinion to keep in mind.

The bully

Someone who just gives you strange / complicated / mean requests just to push you around, not because they want to see them, just because they have the money to make you do things you would never do.

It is difficult to know if someone is a bully. Rule of thumb: if you feel bullied or pushed around, or otherwise uncomfortable, be aware that these guys exist. They will ask near impossible things of you and of course offer money to do it, but what it comes down to is: they like to break you.

I never had a bully that didn’t pay, because they WANT to see you struggle and be degraded, be their play doll. And they will go further and further. They bully you with money and that can really hurt you psychologically. So think about all requests very carefully.

Don’t let money blind you, ever!

If someone asks you to smear glue in your hair, that can be an ultimate fetish wish. It can also be a bully, because you will have huge trouble getting that out again, it might ruin your hair and make you really sad and they know it.

Another example is having you do things that seem to make sense from a fetish point of view, but they don’t (I know, many things make no sense, but I mean no sense even in the world of senselessness).

Like cook an egg, clap your hands every 30 seconds, then put one finger in your ass every 45 seconds, then put the finished egg into your vagina after 5 minutes and crow like a rooster, “fly” around the room for a minute, then pee on your feet, push out the egg, clap your hands three times and crush the egg with your ass. Then trample on the egg with your feet and then lick your feet. Something like that. Sounds like a typical fetish wish, but also smells very bully’ish.

Often bullies have really complicated, difficult and mean requests or requests with strict time schedules for multiple things (because you will struggle).

You wouldn’t do the chicken request? Well, I offer you $200. Then you think “I can do that, it’s actually not that complicated and I only need an egg”. There you go, you are getting bullied and this is just the beginning.

If you think “well I earn the money, so what” – you are right. I can just advise you to be careful not to get into places you don’t want to be in. Psychologically. And don’t burn your vagina with a hot egg.

I treat unusual requests like this: I always get back to the people and ask about their wish. How come this arouses them? Where did this idea come from? What part does this scene play in the whole request? What is most arousing about the idea?

A serious requester often knows a lot about the request, as their idea has been in their heads as ultimate fantasy for years. Every detail is planned and has a purpose. If they can convince me that it’s absolutely serious, they pass and I might consider.

If they just say “it just came up and I thought it would be a great clip” – forget it. I am out.

Also be aware that, even if these sound “awesome”, often sell really badly. Like once to that guy. So if he wants all of the chicken in a 10 minute clip and pay $10.99, think about if it’s worth it to you. I have fulfilled some ultimate fantasies and it was a great honor and very rewarding, but not monetarily. You might be “better off” just doing 5 normal clips in the time it takes to prepare and film and clean up after that one complicated clip.

The talker

Sends you messages just to chat. Often doesn’t even know what you are about (where do those get my email address from?).  Can also be someone that just wants to get to know you for whatever reason.

I don’t mind them. Sometimes I like to just chat, but mostly I have no time. I tell them that I am busy and give them a link to my homepage, in case they want to know more about me.

These ‘talks’ usually go on as long as you answer. The guys don’t push it, they don’t necessarily want to talk to you, they just want to talk.

The freeloader

Tries everything to get free pictures, videos, information or satisfaction. Asks sneaky questions to get personal information. Like “your brother must be taller than you” so when you respond, he knows whether or not you have a brother. That method can be used about everything.

Can also try to initiate cyber sex. “I am in the train, what do you want me to do”. Sometimes I play the game, when I have time. Those don’t buy anything, they sometimes really squeeze you for every bit of information that you actually don’t want to tell, which I don’t like. I don’t like it when I don’t know why someone would ask me a particular question. I don’t want to be rude, but I am not a personal question answerer.

Those contacts are often only during one day and then stop

Friendly but poor

Friendly people contacting you. Maybe because they want something, I don’t know. I just know that they are often very friendly and nice. They care and they do everything to buy a clip from you, but they just don’t have the money to afford any. Sometimes asks questions about a lot of clips, then ends up buying 1 for about $4.99. I feel for them. They do everything to support me.

I try to not let it cost me too much time and effort, which I often fail at. I can understand that these guys want something special as well. I need to remind myself not to invest too much. Now that I have a nice website with some free videos up, I can tell them to go there. I think that’s pretty awesome already for a free site.

Underaged Clipstore Customers

That’s a customer who is not 18. Can be very dangerous for you, so keep that possibility in mind.

I Had a guy who requested a clip. No problem. I made the clip and sent the link. Guy responded, he couldn’t buy it from clips4sale, no credit card. First of all, I only had a c4s store back then. What did he expect?

So I told him about alternative methods to pay. He was from a country where you could use SOFORT, paying by wire transfer. He said his bank didn’t allow it. It went back and forth. I suggested valid things, he said it wasn’t possible. I was ready to give him the clip for free just to be done with the request.

Then I thought, I can’t. If the guy doesn’t even have to use any means of payment, how can I know that he is an adult? The more I thought about his emails, the more I woke up. The guy was probably 15 and nearly got away with it.

There is never a 100% chance to know if someone is 18+, but be as careful as you can. You would never want to sell your clips to underage guys.

No Credit Card Clipstore Customers (4 C’s!)

Happens quite often. Someone contacts you. He wants to place an order, but doesn’t want to use credit card or doesn’t have a credit card.

I understand the guys. There are so many bad experiences with stolen credit cards. We producers know all about it. After all, many chargebacks come down to stolen credit cards.

I tell them it’s totally secure to pay on clips4sale and if they are from an eligible country, they could even use SOFORT. They can also get a clip cash card. If they refuse, I can’t help.

Unnecessary Clipstore Customers

A person, might not be a customer at all, who sends you redundant messages. An example:

“You seem to be really into pee. I saw you have a clipstore. You update quite often, which is good. Do you plan to be making more clips? If so, I hope you include peeing as well.”

Yes, well. What does this guy want? Was it really important to send me that message? What is going on? I have about 5000 pee clips, so one could assume that I might include pee in my next clips as well. To be fair, we don’t know that. So it’s a valid question. It just does not make a lot of sense to me.

I normally still answer, maybe it’s just someone who wanted to talk to me but didn’t know what about. It often turns out that it’s some clueless person that did not yet grasp the concept of clips4sale or a producer of fetish clips for that matter.

Self confident Clipstore Customers

“I have a 6 inch dick and fuck really good. I would be ready to meet you if you travel to my place”. Oh really? Finally. I have waited for you all my life. I have a hard time getting to know any guys, since I just get about 50 messages a day. From guys. 90% have dicks as huge as trees and balls like melons 😀

I don’t give a lot about these. They message about every female (or what they consider female) on the internet. They probably don’t expect an answer either. Sometimes I think they might be lonely virgins who have no idea how to get to know a woman. Through the (pornographic) media they consume, they got a very wrong impression about how to impress or approach a woman and by (over)stating the size of their dick, they hope to get you all drooling. Preferably on that picture of a dick that they have as avatar.

I mostly tell them that it would be awesome, but I don’t meet people from the internet. Or I don’t react at all. Surprisingly, I sometimes found nice people among those. Not really the traditional customer, but occasionally some get interested and even buy a clip or two.

Exaggerating Clipstore Customers

People that just exaggerate. They can be customers who tell you about their idea, they can be people like.. wait I just got a message:

“love u to piss over my massive 9inch cock and face.then take a good hard pumping in ur mouth and swallow all my juicy cum xxx”

Where was I? Oh yes. They can be people who say they spend a LOT of money on your clips, when in comparison, they are among the clipstore customers spending the least. Of course they don’t know that and it might be a lot of money to them.

Often people who have an idea and are convinced it’s the best idea ever. See “The suggester”.

But also guys that tell me they buy all my clips and really admire me. Ironically, I think I know all the guys who buy all my clips:

None 😛

Boss (gives you work to do)

clipstore customers can be bossy

The boss likes to give you work

A customer or random person who gives you assignments.

“Upload a picture of you with a coconut in your ass. After that you could make a video how you take it out and eat it. Then send that video to Thanks”

The “Thanks” is optional. Depends on whether or not your boss is friendly and polite 😛

I can’t help but think that they have the idea that we don’t have anything to do. Except what they tell us to. Mostly I tell them that I understand the assignment, but if they want to issue a request, they would have to buy the clip. And I would have to approve the request first.


Informs you of things you didn’t know. “There are other studios making clips where a girl eats a banana. That’s really cool”

Well thanks, I didn’t know that. Seriously, I did not know that.

I think they just want to be nice and show you that they know things. I honestly have no clue why they choose to do it and why some of them choose me. But I don’t mind.

I tell them if they would like to see such a thing, they could make a custom request. I ask what else the purpose of their message is.

Mostly, nothing comes out of it.


Someone who notices small things, thinks ahead, can empathize really well. Often friendly and polite.

Really nice people. Apologize even before writing anything. Won’t write too often not to disturb you. Won’t write too much either, except you have been chatting for a while. Then all of a sudden, you receive a huge, personal text with things he never told anyone. It’s a privilege to me that people I don’t know open up to me. I just don’t have much time, which is really a pity.

Most of them  just send compliments and tell you that you are making great clips. Ask how you feel, how your stress levels are doing. Are worried that you might get sick. Congratulate you to your birthday, new haircut, new shoes. Really sweet. Often clipstore customers who don’t hesitate to buy clips they like. Requests can be very sophisticated.

I used to answer all the questions and chat, making emails get longer and replies even more complex. One day I noticed that I typed 3 hours just for one email. To one customer. Who once bought two clips.

Sorry guys, I do enjoy it, but I have to use my time more efficiently these days. So I try to answer shortly and, with this kind of customer, I also tell them to write less. It often works, but I sometimes lost a customer because of that. They are sensitive after all.

Handle with care. But don’t handle too much, you need to do other things as well!

Crazy Clipstore Customers

Customers who are mentally ill.

I don’t mean just “crazy” but really c r a z y. Nuts. For real. Like the guy telling me my library is burning and the major knows where I live.

There is a small chance that these could be really funny Bing translations, but sometimes I am pretty sure that they are for real. Whether they are joking, which would only waste our time, or for real: I don’t mind them. Oftentimes it’s just one email and maybe a reply to your answer. That’s it.

I just hope they get good help before anything bad happens.

Polite Clipstore Customers

Overly polite people. Think British royals from the 1820’s. I don’t know if these were polite, but thinking about them, I see very polite people. So I hope you do as well and you know what I mean. Treats you with the utmost respect and sometimes emails can get really funny if a person is very polite on the one hand and has really dirty fantasies on the other hand.

Trying to describe what he wants you to do for his custom clip without using naughty words. I like those people. Very nice to converse with and I feel like I can make them feel more at ease when I just reply with a summary of their request, but then in my words.

“Could you seek relief in a situation where there might be a cushion in danger of being soiled?

“You want me to piss on a pillow?”

Although I must admit, I would probably say “pee” and not “piss”. I am not really a vulgar person and I just enjoy pee for it’s intimacy and not it’s obscenity.

Submissive Clipstore Customers

Customers who see themselves as inferior to you. Might also enjoy the roleplay.

“Yes lady. I understand madam.”

Very nice clipstore customers. They would never be impolite, demanding, offensive, rude, degrading or just assholes. Maybe they would love it if you were, but that’s not my fetish. I just love to pee. So these customers are very easy. Normally buy a few clips as well, but only very special themes. They know what they want.

I talk to them normally, or even a bit submissive as well. I never take the dominant role. I want to be eye to eye with my customers.

Extreme Clipstore Customers

Customers with extreme ideas, even for someone who has been browsing through all kinds of fetish niches for years.

I think I have heard and seen a lot. But I have read even more. There are really extreme fantasies. I am very open minded, I think I can understand where most people get the arousal from. The first guy shocking me wanted me to buy a live turkey and chop it’s head off while calling his name. Then cook the turkey and eat all of it.

You can see where this might be a problem. Where do I get a live turkey? How would I (I am tiny) eat the whole thing? Just joking. This is something I would never do. Never even consider. He offered a lot of money. Forget it. I won’t do it. I won’t hurt, kill, crush, harm, use, or even just show any living thing except for myself and consenting adults in my clips.

Another extreme wish was building a whole city, with railroads, real trains, signals, cars, people, mountains, buildings, shops and whatnot. Fully lighted and about 25m². Then trample it to pieces with high heels and piss on it. According to the caring customer, besides looking out not to cut my feet, I would also need to watch out for being electrocuted when pissing. Thanks for the warning.

I know crushing and destroying model cars (made clips about that) and trains is a real fetish. The thing is, even if he pays for it all – even if people would buy the clip (I am sure they would): How on earth would I find the time to build that? Even people who love doing that and spend all their free time need years to make that happen.

Answer from the customer: It doesn’t have to be perfect.

I don’t mind these clipstore customers. I realize that they probably don’t even know why it arouses them, it’s just there. Now they have to find someone who can make their fantasy come true. Most of them probably have been trying for some time. In some cases, I hope so. I hope they never find someone who is willing to fulfill their fantasy. In other cases, I wish I could do it, but there is just no way to justify it. I have responsibilities as well and I need to use my time and resources reasonably.

I usually stay very calm and polite and tell them the reasons why I can’t do it or under which circumstances I COULD do it (e.g. scaling down their wishes to reach a compromise).

Surprisingly, this works quite well in most cases.


A clipstore customer who terribly underestimates how much work/time/effort something requires. Can be his own wish or something you do.

There are notorious underestimaters. People that want A LOT and then ask you to make it a 5 minute clip. I charge $5.99 – $7.99 for that. It depends. How would I, for example, get a white Victorian armchair, saw off the backrest and pee into the open upholstery, all for $8?

Of course it would be nice, but I couldn’t even transport the thing, let alone recycle it afterwards without the neighbors thinking all kinds of things. Not even thinking about the financial loss.

Someone once said I should make more clips, faster. I made 5 / day at that time, worked 16+ hours / day.

His explanation: a clip only takes about 10 minutes to make, so it should be no problem to make 100 clips a day. Considering I make pee clips and would have to pee 100 times for that to work.. well. I guess everyone reading this knows that it’s just not that easy, pee clip or not. There is a lot of work going on in the background that the customer never gets to see.

I have many stories of underestimaters. I never tell them the truth. I think it’s so obvious that it would not make a difference to tell them. They just don’t think it’s all that difficult/expensive/time consuming.

You don’t need to eat. Or sleep. Or live.

Dominant Clipstore Customers

Dominant people that order you around. Tell you what to do while often calling you slut, whore or the likes.

The dominant customer is never really nice. I am not dominant myself and easily intimidated, but I am also my own boss and don’t like being told what to do in an impolite manner.

I don’t judge these guys, they probably mean well. They probably know what I need and just want to tell me to get on my knees, piss on the floor and then lick it. Maybe it would relax me and be awesome, but I am just not in the mood for that only because I got a message from them.

As far as I noticed, those people rarely buy anything. They would rather have you do something. I am careful with requests as well. I DID have situations where those requests where never meant for real. They just wanted me to do what they liked, to have some kind of power over me.

I learned from that and I don’t handle a lot of dominant people. Normally I tell them that I understand what they try to do, but that I am not into it. Surprisingly, a few times I got to talk to the normal person behind the dominant face and we had a nice conversation.

The Stalker

Stalkers are people that just don’t leave you alone. They might threaten you and try to find out private things about you. It can be very scary.

When I had a stalker, it was horrible. It was like this youtube clip:

The Horribly Slow Murderer with the Extremely Inefficient Weapon by Richard Gale

It started with a simple email “Hello, how are you today?”. In the beginning, I answered. Then the email came every morning, wishing me a wonderful day, with a flower picture. It was nice and I answered. After a few days, I got another mail in the middle of the day “are you alright?”

Long story short, after a few weeks I got messages and emails everywhere, every day, 15-30 times just saying “how are you”. It got so extreme that it clogged up all my inboxes. I couldn’t do much about it, I told the guy to stop. It was too much. He said okay and stopped. For a day. Then he asked if I was angry. At first, I answered…

You know where this is going. It was endless. At a given moment I just stopped answering. After months, the messages stopped. There were messages in between insulting and threatening me. I am glad that it’s over and I wish it no one else. The emails from all sides reminding you that you have a new message – that alone can shut you down. I can’t just block the mails, I have work to do as well!

Be very careful. In the beginning, when all was nice, he wanted to send me gifts. I never let anyone send anything to me. God knows what would have happened if he had my address. Never give that away, ever. Even if he sends you $5000 worth of gifts. Don’t do it.

Don’t let the money blind you.

The Friend

Luckily, there are also friends. Guys whom you think could just as well be really good friends in real life. I am glad that I got a lot of those clipstore customers. It’s sometimes difficult to be careful about your privacy. Be careful. Don’t give any of that information away, ever.

The Trickster

Tricksters try to trick you. This can be trying to get private information or getting you to send clips for free, even make money off of you.

You always have to be careful! Safety first. I am very careful, at least I consider myself careful, but “even” I got into trouble. So this is very important.

Tricksters come in several forms.

Private information

They try to get your private information by asking you questions, saying they want to send you items (I agree most of these probably just want to send you something; something harmless; still wouldn’t do it) or by means that are much more sophisticated.

For example, they send you an email saying they made you something for your birthday or a tribute video or they started a marketing campaign for you or they have a website and you should have a look. Whatever it is, I never click links. I never open files or download anything. Imagine they made you a tribute video that you can watch “here”. Imagine you get taken to a site, the videos plays, it’s a great video, everything is alright. No malware, nothing.

You say it was a lovely video. Then it hits you. That site was never visited by anyone but you. Ad as you know, this can say a lot about you. They now have AT LEAST your ip address. And they can find out more from there..

Free clips

A lot of guys will try that with any means possible. Deny it. Be aware that exchanges can mean trouble. Think about the risk of someone underage asking you

Make money off you

This is really something I would have never though of, but I found out a few months ago that someone tried to make money off me and probably would have gotten a lot of other information as well. I had made a vacuum clip and a guy wrote to me that he loved my clips (sadly, the trickster often compliments you in the nicest ways, which should make you careful towards nice guys, which of course is bad news for the real nice guys, but I can’t help it) and he had been buying a lot and will order more. He was just wondering if I’d consider a more powerful vac, a real good one would be this one. Then there was an amazon link. I clicked it, looked at it, it was pretty expensive. I asked him to contribute if he wanted me to buy it. Never heard of him again.

A year later, I find that email again. Much more knowledgeable, I immediately notice that the amazon link is an affiliate link. So had I bought it, he would have gotten commission off it and probably some information about me. Maybe even my IP address, maybe my town, my name. Who knows. Who would have thought? I was actually quite stunned that someone would pull that.

My lesson learned from this: be more than VERY careful. Be UBER careful. Be almost paranoid. You won’t believe what people try on you.

And yet, you are still never really safe. We have to trust in humankind a little bit and hope that people just don’t want to harm us for no reason.

The Follower

a person in the mountains

The follower follows you everywhere

A person that you might see appear everywhere on your channels, leaving comments. Like a friendly stalker. Keeping a distance and not bothering you.

I think they are very valuable, because they often leave positive messages in public places and support you when people are offensive against you.

I sometimes upvote their comments and reply directly on the site in question. However, I don’t get too involved, as these people follow many others as well.

Don’t be fooled, these guys dance on several weddings

The Fan

A person that really roots for you. Supporting in good and bad times, not hesitating to give you a financial push if things get rough. A broke fan will still try to start some campaign to promote you. They get involved in a positive way and try to keep you motivated and in business. They really like what you do.

I love all my fans. Basically all fans have bought a clip at some point, which is great in itself. On top of that they really go out of their way to help you out, be it promotion or offering programming help. I never take the programming help though, because I don’t want a person with more knowledge and personal interest in my content to have access to my websites 😛

However, making a logo, pushing you on their website or twitter.

It’s just awesome to have fans.

Careless Clipstore Customers

There are guys that just don’t care. They add me in google+ with a picture showing them with their family, with their work at the fire brigade, things like that. I often (seriously, often) suggested to people that they might not want me in their friends list where all their relatives, WIFE and KIDS could see it. One click on my profile and you know that family could be history. I even had to refuse and block people that insisted. You don’t have to be my google+ friend, we can keep contact totally anonymously.

Silent Clipstore Customers

One of the best clipstore customers, although I like many kinds, is the silent customer. This is a person who buys your clips, often in big orders, but never contacts you.

I think they prefer privacy and just want to watch the clips, not get in touch with the person making them. Sometimes, after years, I would get a single email, telling me my clips are great and that they hope I continue making them. I often know right away which customer is behind the email.

Sometimes I feel bad and wish they’d all contact me, so I could fulfill a wish. But at the end of the day, emailing and texting costs a LOT of time and does not earn me much. So every customer not contacting me, saves me time to make clips and make everyone happy.


Why do I tell you about clipstore customers?

So why do I tell you all this? First of all, there were lessons to be learned from my mistakes.

Secondly, it was fun to finally categorize for myself what kinds of clipstore customers I am dealing with every day. I think the list might be expanded or collapsed at some point. I wrote this without any notes from all my months of customer interaction, but from now on, I will probably think about this article when a customer contacts me 😛

Thirdly, it’s important to focus on the people that you benefit from. I am totally against exploiting customers or treating them with any form of disrespect. However, you should invest most of your time and energy into those clipstore customers who are worth it, who also invest in you. Otherwise you might soon have no customers at all, because your business is gone.

No business, no customers.

Time is running out

Time is Money, it’s ticking away faster than you think. Invest into the right people.

Customers who are worth your time

Obviously your regulars. Check your orders all the time and you know who they are.

From this article:

The Friend. Likes to buy clips, tells you about business opportunities, offers marketing and spreads the word about you. All around amazing.

The Fan. Supports you all the way, even if you fuck up. Promotes you on the web and might tip you off about piracy of your content somewhere. Very valuable and great to have.

The silent clipstore customers. Speaks for itself, without speaking at all 😛 Often place big orders.

Submissive clipstore customers. Reading messages from them is just refreshing. Very pleasurable reads. Send you good requests as well

Polite clipstore customers. Feels great to hear from them. They treat you with respect and give you a good feeling about yourself

Followers. When you post something, you immediately get some positive votes

The horny / drunk guy. If a regular gets out of line because he was drunk or horny, forgive him. No need to get all pissed off.


Beware of these customers

Careless clipstore customers. They endanger themselves. It’s our responsibility to be responsible. Agree?

The underestimater. You could find yourself deeply involved in a conversation that ultimately leads to nothing, while you started out with a nice monetary offer for an unusual custom clip. If that clip is not realizable, leave it alone. You are losing money elsewhere while you write pages of answers.

Extreme clipstore customers. Interesting, because they really take you over the edge of what you thought was the fetish world. Treat them with respect, they are often the poorest, because they found themselves having a craving that no one wants to fulfill. Feel for them, but don’t use up too much time. Make exceptions for pedophiles, report them to c4s at least and make sure that’s being taken care of.

Sensitive clipstore customers. They can really eat away a lot of your time without giving you anything back. Be careful. Don’t get too deep into conversations

Boss. If you can handle them, do it. Often you’ll get a nice custom order. Focus lies on ORDER.

The bully. I think I explained all of it. Don’t underestimate your psychological health. Be your own boss.

Friendly but poor. It’s tempting to help them. They are often really sweet. However, you need to run a business. Don’t get too involved.

Crazy clipstore customers. Make sure it’s not just Bing translate that is fooling you. Other than that, just leave it alone. Waste of time.

Exaggerating clipstore customers. These can indeed be customers, don’t be fooled. In my experience, they don’t buy a lot, but you never know. Maybe they just want to impress you. Act normal, don’t confront. Let them have their 9 inch cock.

The suggester. They always sound better than they are. I think they are convinced that their ideas are great and just want their fantasies seen realized. Don’t expect too much. They will come back, beware.

The girl who is a guy. Once the gender roles have been resolved, these can be good customers. After all, they just tried to get closer to you in some way. Beware of stalkerish behavior.


Avoid these customers

I am sorry to say, but sometimes you should avoid people, even if they bought something from you.

The stalker. Ignore. Ignore. Ignore. Pray that it stops.

The Trickster. It’s just dangerous. Be careful when interacting.

The dominant clipstore customers. It’s a personal thing. I choose to avoid these. I mean, have a look at the “good” guys. Rather spend your time with them.

The talker. Can really waste your time, keeps challenging you for answers. Be short or ignore if your human nature allows it.

The freeloader. Sometimes I play. But it’s a waste of time. If they get nasty, don’t fight. It’s ugly. It costs you time. Just get out.

The underaged clipstore customers. If you have the slightest suspicion, cut your losses and get out. This is really dangerous. Majorly illegal and rightfully so.

No Credit Card clipstore customers. No card, no pay, no play. Tell them about the options that ARE available. Other than that, leave it. Could be underage.

Unneccessary clipstore customers. They don’t even know what’s going on. Explain it one time, that’s it.

Informer. “Thanks.” That’s a really good answer.

Self confident clipstore customers. They do well without you. They often message so many girls, you don’t matter to them. So don’t have them matter to you. Don’t add matter to this matter.

Don’t forget that all clipstore customers can give you valuable feedback, one customer can make or break you and all of them pay your bills. Be nice and take care!

Treat them well, but look out for yourself! 😉



written by Sinna 18-20aug-2015

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