Categories on clips4sale where you can post clips that sell

I wouldn’t say we all want it, but there are certain studios, not bound to categories on clips4sale, who always look to produce, first and foremost, clips that sell.

Then there are studios who just populate certain categories on clips4sale.

I don’t have a wide approach, spreading out to many categories, but, over the years, I have learned about a few categories on clips4sale that can bring in a lot of traffic – and sales, if you have what that traffic is looking for.

Traffic means visitors to your website. It’s just another word for it.

It’s no use to attract visitors when you don’t have the clips they want, but you have to start sometime, somewhere, right?

So there will always be a first post for you in any given category. Here are 5 categories on clips4sale that – for me personally – worked well in the sense that I could sell a clip there even if it was my first clip.

Having said that, it’s important that you make a quality clip. If you just try to make quick money and cut corners, that might work 1 or 2 times. However, fetish community members are often connected quite well and news will spread – bad news, but also good news!

If you make a great clip, it might become a bestseller. If you try to cheat them, you are out.

  1. Farting

    Actually, I only made about 5-8 clips in that category. It can go really well and fart clips are frequently in the main toplist, meaning the clips sold most often across all of the c4s website in a week.

    I know the farting community and they are really nice and supportive, however, they also have private premium forums where they spread clips.

    A clip here can go really well, especially if it’s natural farting with some kind of a twist. Like farting in panties or jeans, or farting in the viewers face.

    Farting onto someone else’s face, in a mix with face sitting, seems to do really well.

    Sharts – a mix word for shit and fart, meaning farts with gas and substance – also do very well.

    The thing is that c4s does not allow any shit to be seen, so you have to think about that and make it work. e.g. talk about how wet your panty got.

    Fart clips usually sell well on c4s, but I don’t post them anymore at the moment, because they can get “ripped” and “spread” without your knowledge quite fast. Like real farts 🙂

    Link to farting: FARTING

  2. Face stuffing

    As in, putting food in your mouth quite vigorously and frankly eating like a pig or horse.

    More like a pig. The essence is that you eat a lot. As much as you can and then some.

    Pizza seems to be a favorite, I guess because viewers can easily estimate how much that is, as they are familiar with pizza themselves.

    Fatty things work well: ice cream, cream, cake – it’s connected to fat and feeder/feedee fetish.

    So not only the stuffing, but the thought of gaining weight can play a role for the customer.

    Weight gaining is a huge seller as well, which is then related to belly fetish and belly expansion.

    All of these are worth trying. Just don’t be boring. Smile, eat, make it fun, stuff, gulp down with a milkshake, make a little mess.. burp if you want. Show you belly and say how full you are, sport a bulge, operate closer to the camera or further away.

    Good stuffing clips sell a few times at least.

    Link to Face stuffing: FACESTUFFING/OVEREATING

  3. Ruined orgasms

    It might not be a secret to you, since ruined orgasm clips are frequently in the top 50, but I wanted to mention it anyway.


    Because everytime I posted a ruined orgasm clip, my traffic jumped.

    I checked and it was indeed due to the visitors from the ruined orgasms category.

    If you make these will, with good lights and a nice dick, a beautiful girl with a skilled mouth, you can build a shop around that alone.

    Blowjobs, cumshots – these related categories on clips4sale work pretty good as well.

    A ruined orgasm is when you stroke / suck / manipulate the dick until it comes (i.e. orgasm is inevitable), but then stop doing anything, leaving it to helplessly squirt or just empty out on it’s own.

    You can, of course, include this in a domination clip or a brat clip where you tease the viewer with the fact that you ruined his orgasm.

    Link to ruined orgasm: RUINED ORGASMS

  4. Doll fetish

    Not many studios know that this category on clips4sale does quite well. I actually had one of my most selling clips of all time in that category, but I don’t like that it borders simulating minors with some dolls. I am never quite sure what the purpose of the doll is. Is it a fetish about the doll or is it just a badly disguised child metaphor? That is why I only use dolls that are really dolls. No life size, real hair etc. children dolls (there is a real doll category on clips4sale as well).

    There is a name and market for life size “real” children dolls, but I don’t think we should go there. I strongly recommend to stear clear of that, because it can quickly border child pornography and I think we all agree that no one wants to have anything to do with that. There are poor individuals, who, of all fetishes, developed this one, but it’s just absolutely not acceptable in no way whatsoever. So let’s agree we don’t cater to that.

    I also want to mention here that I have reported quite obvious child (sex) roleplay doll clips in the past and c4s is normally fast to kill those asap. So, keep it about the doll. Take a doll that is OBVIOUSLY a doll. Then you can roleplay or do things like squash it, act out cruel punishment fantasies, which some customers sadly had to live through and developed a fetish about, or cuddle with it, sit on it etc.

    There are dark, dark fetishes which are still understandable and legal. Not everyone can do them and they are certainly not mainstream, which is why they SELL. You will find clips that you might not find okay at all, especially in the doll section. You should probably ignore some of the requests that you WILL receive. Keep it about the doll as a doll.

    Of course there are “grown-up” dolls. Dolls built to look like women, for example. If you can afford one, it can be quite cool to make clips with it. I can also recommend watching the movie: Lars and The Real Girl, about a guy who has difficulties in social contact and ends up loving a life-sized doll. Everybody in town plays along because Lars is a nice guy. A really good movie.

    Link to doll fetish: DOLL FETISH
    Related categories on clips4sale: WIG FETISH :: REAL DOLL :: PUPPET PORN

  5. Nose fetish

    I have a tiny nose with tiny nostrils and it makes the nose guys crazy 🙂

    I don’t know how big noses do, but with all things fetish, I think there might be fans for both.

    Fit things into your nose, like all the fingers one by one. Put them in as deep as you can – this could also serve as a nosepicking fantasy. A fetish easily associable, like many others, with development in childhood.

    Pull your nose up, play with it. Mostly, stick things into it. Odd things, big things, fingers, maybe toes if you can.

    Don’t just sit there and show your nose. That’s the mistake many producers make. When they shoot a clip about a bodypart, they just show it.

    You should sexually manipulate it, although I agree it’s not often clear what the sexual arousal is about – do research. Google, ask fetishists.

    It’s often a good idea to stick something in though. It’s obviously a sexual act to stick something into something, so that often works. In your ear, in your mouth in your butt. You know the “drill” (haha).

    Link to nose fetish: NOSE FETISH
    Related categories on clips4sale: SNEEZING :: NOSE BLOWING :: NOSE PINCHING


There are many other categories where you can sell clips. Some are more lucrative than others, but it’s mostly about how well you make the clip – how good do you capture the fetish?

If you truly understand a fetish, maybe because you have it yourself, then you can make awesome clips that just seemed to have jumped out of the guys’ fantasies. If not, you can still do research and learn about the fetish that interests you. Ask customers.

Post trial clips

I had very good feedback on trial clips. Make the title something like “My first try at insertfetish”. Then don’t make it too long, keeep it rather cheap. You are still learning. Then ask for feedback.

Like I said, there are many categories where people don’t often get clips made for them. These guys can be really friendly, supportive and appreciative when anyone wants to try and make their fantasy come true. When you succeed in that, you will get a loyal group of customers.

Ignore assholes who are negative about you. I used to take that so seriously and it just dragged me down and stopped me from making clips for the many others who were waiting for more.

There are ALWAYS people who don’t like what you do. It’s just a part of the matter we dwell in. Fetishes are highly subjective.


I picked these 5 out of an imaginary list of at least 40 categories that worked well for me. So if you don’t agree or if you can’t succeed, don’t worry. I will put up some of the others as well.

As a rule of thumb, a category that can be a secret well-seller should have all the 50 spots in the top studios and top selling clips filled. Both toplists, 50 spots. If there are less than 50, that often means the category is not a really good seller. HOWEVER there are always exceptions. e.g. Food stuffing can sell well but is not filled up (haha).

Categories with more than 6-8 updates DAILY (look at the date) can be hard to get into, because they are quite busy and traffic will spread quickly across all updates, so you get less exposure. Of course they bear the chance that if you get a good clip up in the toplists, you can make a good profit.


Please rate and comment below. What are your favorites?

Are you a customer and want to tell about the essence of your fetish so more models start making clips? Please do! Even if I didn’t mention your category this time.