This text mostly concerns solo girls, not production companies. It’s based on, the only place where you can really earn a living with a clipstore.

I might repeat myself in comparison to other articles, but I am not afraid to repeat myself on important topics.
How much money can you make with an adult clipstore

Wondering about starting a clipstore

It’s probably the most asked question of all the questions that people have before starting an adult clipstore: how much can you make with an adult clipstore?

The answer is simple. It’s so simple that I think most people already know the answer, but they just want to hear others say it, so that they can compare themselves with these others and form a decision about whether or not they could achieve the same.

When I say I make $4000 / month and you read that, you start looking at what I do and then you think: “Oh, I can do that” or you think “Oh, that’s a lot of work for $4000”. Most people think they can do it, they have great ideas, they could do better than others. And they might be right!

The thing is – and it’s hard to ignore that – if you only start a store to make money, you have a high chance to fail. Simply because money is your motivation and you will not get a lot of motivation in the beginning. The beginning, that is at least 3 months for mortal human beings.

Yes, there are very very few adult clipstores who make it BIG right away, there are stores who only upload 1 clip a week and do great – but those are exceptions and most of them do stuff in the background that you don’t see – like heavy promotion. They might even have such a high “limit”. I’ll explain at the end of this article what that limit means, but it’s basically the moment where more frequent updates are not worth it anymore.

Stores who have been founded because of passion, because of creativity, because of the need to express or just because someone thought it was fun to make a clip and sell it, these stores often have a high chance of “surviving” those first months, building up a fanbase and producing a constant quality of clips.

If your sole purpose is money, a lack of earnings often shows in your clips. The viewer feels how demotivated you are and that’s a huge turn off. Imagine a clown in a circus who doesn’t even want to be there. You will notice and the show will suck. Your kids might not notice, but you will. And that goes for fetishes / niche clips as well. The customers are mostly year long veterans in their fetish. They have seen thousands of clips. They can hear if a fart is fake or real and they can smell from a mile away if you like what you are doing or if you just do it to earn money.

Most will accept that no woman could actually be into what they like and they are happy that someone took the time to cater to their fetish at all, but if you really like what you are doing, that’s when you stand out, that’s when you get loyal customers and that’s when word in the community spreads about you.

And there is a community, small or big, for just about everything.

Think about yourself. Do you want to drag yourself through months of “work” (which you will see purely as work) for a few hundred $?

No. You have to find your inner motivation. There are more than 800 categories. If you are not into one of them, you might at least find one that you think is fun. Like popping balloons or pedal pumping your car. It could also be great fun for you to do chores and know you might earn money while doing it. Housecleaning, rubber gloves, vacuuming – there are customers for that.

Do you think it’s stupid that men pay for porn? Do you find them ridiculous? Great! Here is your motivation to make domination clips.

If you don’t have ANY motivation other than earning money, the answer to the question “How much can you make with an adult clipstore?” is simple: not enough.

This is different for production companies, but as a solo model, filming, editing, uploading, promoting, family life and everything else is just a lot of effort that you have to put in every day. And you won’t make it if you rely on money as a motivator.

Look around the categories, the new clipstores with 10, 11, 14 clips. Maybe 26, 35. More than 1-2 months no updates. Those are dead. They gave up. They didn’t earn enough to stay alive, to get through the start-up phase.

This is the current list from the foot fetish category. It’s the 17th of June 2016 today. See how many dead studios you can spot:

How much can you make with an adult clipstore

Note: some might be alive and thrive in other categories now

I had great clips, unique, fresh, real fetish myself – the perfect base to become popular. And I didn’t get rich overnight either. I didn’t reach #1 in my category within 3 months. But I still remember how I saw myself on #19 for the first time. I had not even noticed that I was in the toplist. As a young, starting girl, I really thought c4s was as big as the universe and the top 50 of each category were miles away, the top 10 lightyears away from me.

It took me over a year to find out that anyone could get into the top. With hard work, dedication but also by enjoying the life and continuing even when you earn nothing for a day or two.

I’d say ignore the money for the first few months, but I know it’s not possible. Money is just too strong of a force in our world. It’s a sad, sad thing really. What if money didn’t exist? We would have some kind of motivation for sure. Maybe more pure motivation, more intrinsic.

How much can you make with an adult clipstore?

On clips4sale, you can make anything from 0$ to $1000 quite easily. Your store could be a standard living room that you clean once in a while, vacuum, buy new furniture.. nothing fancy, nothing too complicated, nothing you would improve upon every day.

$1000 – $3000 if you “like” your store. It’s your baby. You don’t care so much about the money, as long as your living room is pretty and up to date with fresh interior, flowers, accessories every day or two. You wash the curtains once a month and vacuum regularly.

$3000+ this is when you start reaching limits. You replace the TV with a big flatscreen, you put in a small housebar you get an expensive couch. Your living room looks very nice and there are only a few things you can do every week to make it better – like changing the flowers, cleaning a little dust.

In other words, once you have an established store with daily updates and a following, you should relax a bit. More updates won’t help you as well as in the beginning. Try to calculate your earnings / hour of work you put in.

Would you rather work 14 hours / day and earn $6000 / month or just work 5 hours / day for $3500 / month?

That’s $14.28 / hour vs. $23.33 / hour. There will be a moment when you have to think about that and find the right balance. That is the secret behind the top stores not updating more than 1 / day. Two clips a day don’t get you twice the money from a certain point. They might only get you %10 more for twice the work.

If you reach that point, you can always start a second store, use more time for promotion, accept more customs – get cozy in your living room and start a new operation from there.

To answer the question again: How much can you make with an adult clipstore? 0$ – limit. There is a limit. I don’t now how high it is, but one store can only make so much before more work doesn’t pay off as much as starting something else would.