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Before I list the 5 things, note that a nice description and good title are essential. Most bestselling clips have a great description and an enticing title containing relevant keywords. There are a few clips that sell well without a good description and title, but who knows what would have happened if the title and description were top notch?

I did a survey among 900 verified c4s customers and surprisingly, the preview animation or picture was not the most important factor in their decision to buy a certain clip. It was the description. You will soon see how big of a difference a well written description can make when you read the article I link to from my c4s guide. Click here to go directly to the proper section in my guide. You will find a link there: “9 simple ways to write product descriptions that sell”. Follow that link and read that as well.

This guide is mainly for c4s clip descriptions, simply because other clip selling sites (like ManyVids) don’t offer all these options.

  1. Keywords

    Clips4sale is stretching this and I have to admit that they are right to a certain point. Many people forget to add relevant keywords to their description. For example, you write a description for an anal clip but you don’t mention the words anal, ass, anal sex, asshole – things that customers, who are likely to buy an anal clip, would search for. Just to test, I went to the anal category on c4s while typing this and clicked on the first store. I found an example right away:


    This is not a bad description at all. It contains the keywords areolas, outdoors, bikini, pussy, masturbating, hubby, suck his dick, up the butt, masturbates, facial. Not bad. It could be better though. How about adding a second paragraph:

    He fucks her in the ass nice and deep, stretching her asshole with his dick while his hips pound against her ass. She loves it when hubby is in for some anal sex.

    Something like that. I obviously quickly made that up. There are a million ways to write a nice, enticing second paragraph where you introduce more, relevant keywords. Write a fourth and sixth if you can.

    Also notice how that description feels generic. Do you think a lot of effort went into that? Do you feel that this clip is somehow special? Worth buying? Exciting? The customer’s decision to buy a clip is based on emotion. It’s always recommended to reach that emotional level.


    When you use keywords, make sure they are spelled correctly. Or spell them wrong on purpose, if you think customers make that same spelling mistake quite often. e.g. Masturation or Mastubation instead of Masturbation.

    Little known fact, a big clipsite used to have their category spelled ‘Mastubation’ until I told them 😉

    You may be thinking that this is common sense, but I invite you to look around c4s and find keywords spelled so wrong, no one will ever search for or find them. In other words: they are utterly useless.

  2.  Cross sales / Upsells

    A cross sale or cross selling is when you sell a product, but then you offer another product to go with that, because it’s likely that the customer might be interested in both. Like Amazon does with that “Customers also bought”.
    How a clipstore does it in their description is add a link to another clip of the same category (or just a similar clip) in the description of a clip. You publish a pantyhose clip, then add to the description: “Don’t forget to watch my other pantyhose clip: name of other clip linking to other clip”. You can find a working link to the other clip, including it’s name, in your admins “list clips” section. Just use “Direct link html code” below the title listed there. Copy and paste it with all the html code around it in your description and it will become a link to that clip.

    An up sale or upselling is when you offer other products in your description with the goal to either: sell a product of higher value or: sell a different product. The difference with cross sales is that you are not necessarily trying to sell several products.

    e.g. you have that fully business clothed pantyhose clip for $4.99 in your store and you add the link to a full nude pantyhose only clip for $16.99. A customer coming for pantyhose fun might choose the $16.99 instead of buying the $4.99, which he originally planned on. You make $12 more. You would not have made more money, had you not put that other link there.

    Another customer comes for the pantyhose clip, but he is actually trying to find out if you ever take off those business clothes, because he would very much prefer you nude in pantyhose. He finds out that you don’t undress in the $4.99 clip, but he also finds your link to the $16.99 clips which is exactly what he wants! He skips the $4.99 and buys your more expensive clip. You had made no money, had you not put that other link there.

    In both cases, you made an up-sale.

    Beware: don’t put too many links there. I am guilty of that and it doesn’t work well. Like I have 40 swimsuit clips for sure, but if I put all 40 links in every new swimsuit clip’s description, customers would be overwhelmed.

    Humans want 2-3 things to choose from, max. Otherwise we can’t make a fast emotional “gut” decision. We start thinking and when we start thinking, then we realize that spending $50 on two swimsuit clips is pretty expensive. Instead of thinking, we would have been at checkout already had we only had 2-3 choices.

  3. Pictures / Preview

    Now the big sellers, at least some of them, have custom preview links in their clip descriptions. Recently, c4s added the option to make customer video previews up to 1 minute for your stores, so we might see these “in-description” preview videos vanish over time. That doesn’t take away that some of the most successful stores use them, like Tara Tainton (current number 1) and Missa. So there might be something to it. I don’t use them, so I can’t tell you.

    What I do use are pictures or gifs INSIDE the description – as an addition to the preview and gif animation on the side. When a clip is complex, I want to show all facets. The gif / picture on the side can only show one scene (except you make a fancy gif, like I explain in my dark room guide on gifs). So sometimes I add pictures or gifs of other nice scenes to my description. The current number 2 studio, Primals Fantasies, does that as well.

    If you want to read more about pictures in your clipstore / clip descriptions, read here.

  4. Call to action

    A call to action is simply a prompt, a request, an order, an invitation, a calling, a demand note or even a challenge to do something. Many different scientists have confirmed that calls to action work, which is why we stumble upon them all day every day in our lives. For example when you visit your c4s store, you see the “Buy Now” button. It tells the visitor to buy now. It’s a simple call to action.

    Scientists found out that it’s not enough to just put a button somewhere or explain how something works, then wait for the customer to do stuff. You have to TELL the customer what to do. Remember that we are simple decision makers? How simple is it when someone actually tells us what to do? We don’t have to think, we don’t even start to think. We just do.

    So, adding a call to action is common sense nowadays, everybody does it.

    It sounds great, but I actually tried and tried different call  to actions over the past years and I must admit, I didn’t see any significant changes to my sales. I might just not have found the right call to action, maybe because I don’t want to make my customers buy stuff they didn’t want in the first place. It’s their conscious decision to hit that buy button of course, but don’t you feel a little bit guilty when you told them to do it?

    You don’t have to feel guilty, but I do. I recommend trying a few calls to action and see how it goes. It’s a proven method, so the fact that it didn’t work for me should not keep you from doing it.

    Since I didn’t find any useful calls to action until now, you are on your own. Use google and your imagination 🙂

  5. Buyers quote / testimonial

    A little like calls to action, testimonials are a proven thing. Of course, when we are told by a friend that product x is totally amazing and works like a charm, we believe that. And we might buy it. Online, this is a little bit different, as a lot of testimonials are fake or bought or both. There is a whole industry around selling and buying testimonials and social proof (facebook likes, twitter likes – basically simple testimonials). I would not recommend making testimonials up. Just use whatever customers tell you. In order to do that, provide a means to contact you, like I suggested here.

    It will not surprise you that Tara Tainton – frequently the number 1 studio (in former times pretty much always the number 1) uses testimonials. I must admit, I don’t see many other studios use them. I do. I also use testimonials on this very website, but not in a way they would impress, just as a collection for myself. You can view those here. You can see that they are all original from visitors to my site, because I simply copied them from the comment sections below my articles. Testimonials with original proof like that are pretty strong, which is why review and rating sites and features are very popular. Like the amazon rating and review system, but you surely know about 100 more.

    And that’s all because testimonials work to sell. Our world revolves around money and if it didn’t earn anyone money, it would not be seen that often.

    So yeah, what I wanted to say is, add testimonials to your clip descriptions. e.g. when I made a custom and I already got great feedback from the customer, before I put it up in my store, I will add it right at the top. However, even when a customer tells you today that clip X was THA BOMB and clip x is 2 weeks old, go to that clip and edit it. Put the quote / testimonial in there. Use brackets (“”), so that thing feels like a testimonial as well.

    Personally, I also leave all spelling mistakes in there. Makes it more authentic. Authenticity is key!


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Yes, the above were all calls to action. Well spotted 🙂