Taboo / incest is not a niche right now

You know that I touched on the subject of taboo when I wrote the xvideos article. I notice every day how the taboo wave does not leave anyone dry. It’s still flooding all systems.

All sites are full of incest and taboo porn

People on, the second most popular adult site at the moment and probably the site with most adult content, are actually complaining about the amounts of incest and taboo themed videos – although incest is banned on pornhub. Just like it is on xvideos. Yeah right. Both sites, like all sites, are filled to mom’s brim with taboo content.

Just for a quick reference, here is the massive traffic of and lined up in a graph:

Here is xvideos lined up against

The c4s graph is flat, as it’s just 0.01% of xvideos traffic. Just imagine that. This is also basically a document of free versus paid porn today. We have been fucked by tube sites and now we do our best to give up content to them so they send us some of their traffic. Ironic, isn’t it? 🙂

An interesting observation is that similar “fetish” content is popular on tube and pay-to-download sites to a certain degree. It’s possible that we observe a turn in porn viewer behavior when fetish clips become more sought after and are being paid for at the source – hopefully not to put them up for free on the tube sites.

Taboo on clips4sale today

If I remember correctly, when Tara Tainton dropped in the toplist, Missa had just released another taboo clip. Tara reacted with a taboo clip of her own and was right back up. Both studios had been doing taboo clips before, with tara owing part of her success to a series of clips and missa throwing taboo in the mix quite regularly.

Mark’s Head Bobbers & Hand Jobbers usually does blowjobs, but he posts an odd one in taboo now, just calling the women stepmother instead of milf, like he probably would have if taboo were not a hype like it is.

Xev Bellringer stormed the toplist with the help of taboo clips and cock ninja studios is pretty much parked in the top 20 since they started – only making taboo clips.

Every studio from the #Taboo top 10 is in the general top 50 on clips4sale while I am writing this. Many top 50 studios have taboo clips in their catalog. MANY.

It’s the top trending fetish at the moment. I personally suspect it’s due to the incest going on in the popular HBO series Game of Thrones (there could be spoilers on that page!), which I have not watched (no time) – but that’s speculation. It became popular around that time though.

Fact is the top trending fetishes always change. There are classics that will always be popular, like foot fetish, domination and blowjobs (not really a fetish). But there are trending fetishes, like bbw, teen, wrestling, crush, stuffing, superheroes and even pee that can be more popular at times but then lose popularity to other niches.

It’s a Game of Niches in itself.

Why did I write all this?

First, I think it can be helpful to all stores “open” to everything. Right now, it would be difficult to publish a decent taboo clip that doesn’t sell at least once.

Secondly, I have seen a few fetishes storm to the top and drop again over the years. I want to mention that I think this is just a hype and we should be aware of these trends.