How to add hyperlinked pictures to your clips4sale store

This is the video included in the PREMIUM tutorial article Add picture links to a clips4sale store. If you buy the article, you get the video and the HTML codes as well as other useful code and tips. The PREMIUM article costs more, but you can access it forever.

I also have full control over the article and the video inside it, so any problems with that can be solved directly through me 🙂

As far as I know VOD will not be accessible forever, e.g. it would be locked again after you deleted your cookies or other things happened (I don’t know all the things, but I guess changing your browser, computer etc. would also stop the VOD from being accessible)

It also comes without all the extra’s which is why it’s only $0.99 while the whole article is $30 $5 (currently on sale). Buying the article or only the video is up to you!