Subtle insecurity

When I started making clips, I was so amazed that someone would actually spend money on my clips. With all the free porn out there, starring well-known porn stars in million dollar productions, why would someone pay to see me?

This subtle insecurity accompanied me for many months. And it’s not as subtle as you might think. It can change your whole business.

What I realized very late was: I offer something that people want and can’t get anywhere else. I have a unique “product” that no one else is making. People buying my clips continue to do so, because I am the ONLY person who can give them what they desire: me. In my clips.


You don’t have to please everyone, Sinna

Why hope that someone will buy your clip, when there are people that love your work?

Admit it, you have been staring at your screen, no sales, and you wondered what you could do to sell your clips better. You would have been ready to reduce the price if that would have meant a few sales.

I probably did most of the things that someone could try, to make something happen on a slow day. I ran and still run a website that costs me $100 a month only to give out free clips to customers as rewards for buying at my c4s store.

It started when I accepted more and more requests. It developed with every fan mail I read. Every suggestion to do this or that: Show your face. Make more full body shots. Get a tripod. Show your facial expression more. Your ass needs to be in the video more. Use make-up. Don’t use make-up. Wear shoes. Don’t wear socks. Wear pantyhose.

I could continue this list for probably about 11455 pages. Maybe 11456. The customers are relentless in their wishes.

The thing is, I started making clips I thought my fans wanted to see. Which was a huge mistake in my situation. I was unique. I shouldn’t have made myself mainstream. I shouldn’t have tried to please everyone.


Customers and producers can drain each other

It seems to me that customers and producers are in a constant struggle with each other that can lead to a struggle within the producers as well. Customers can be very demanding, but producers can be very money hungry as well. They both tend to drain the other, instead of rejuvenating and supporting each other.

There are exceptions to this, but they only present themselves clearly with the right attitude. I had to overcome the “money thoughts” and step back to see the bigger pictures. I went back to being my young, naive self but without going back the way I came.

Then I changed my attitude for the first time. About.. one year ago maybe? Sales were steadily declining while I was working harder and harder and doing less of the clips I actually wanted to do and more of the clips I thought would be nice for customer x or y.

There was a moment when I thought “Sinna, those people want your work. Don’t try to make something they like; they like what you make when you don’t try to make something for them. You need to get back to making clips for you, the way you want to do it. That’s what your “good” customers want.”

It was nearly too late as I had lost about 80% of my customers. I also had my first kid, so it was not easy to spot that problem, because I wrote the decline off to having less time for my store. It was camouflaged.


When I get excited, it excites them

When I changed my attitude, I thought: “Wait a minute. When I made my clips without a care in the world about what the customer wanted” – I got to mention I have a pee fetish myself, so what excites me naturally excites other pee fetishists – even better, the very fact that it excites me, is the most exciting thing to most of them – “I was doing great”.

The effect of my new clipstore attitude was immediate. Former customers wrote to me “I saw your latest clips, you are back!!” “Sinna, you are doing it again, you are making those clips that make you so special.”

Effortless? No. It’s still a lot of work to set up, clean up, prepare, schedule, edit, write, check social media, check other stuff, do things you just have to do. However, the clip making was fun again. I just did what I liked. I took suggestions on board, but I knew when to say no. I was the boss. If anyone really wanted something, I let them order a custom clip.

This was my business and my life. The viewer came to see me. They don’t want to see what I think they want to see.

Sadly, I forgot that again. I don’t know why. It’s so subtle. My attitude changed back and my old problems came through.


Transfer of problems

Notice on this very site How I started out really strong – in my opinion. The site was buzzing, comments flew in. People asked me to write about topics, but I originally just planned to write about myself.

Then I became shy about writing and telling people what I think is right. I lost my way a little. For two years. I just found it again and am now following through. This time I will do it.

Because I want to reach my goal, to inform and help people. Everyone should have the knowledge to start a profitable business and I think a clipstore has many advantages, even if it’s an “adult” job.

When I look at my hairdresser, I so much want to tell her about what I do. She makes $1100 a month. Full time. She looks gorgeous.

Of course I didn’t tell her about what I do, but I would so love to. Assume she would run a clipstore – full time. My god. She could make anything between $3000-$10000. She just doesn’t know it. She DOES. NOT. KNOW. that this opportunity exists.

In this case – that clips4sale exists. I should be obliged to tell her! But I can’t reveal myself. It’s the curse of the job. I can help people in a very very crucial segment of their lives – earning money, but only by running this website and posting about it online.



This business offers many chances, but it’s a taboo subject. Sex work. Some say it’s degrading, it’s not a real job. I think there are a lot of other jobs, that have nothing to do with adult business, but are much more degrading and abusive. And you can easily argue that women have the right to run their own clipstore. Have the right to use their bodies whichever way THEY want. Read this.

I love doing what I do! The only troubling thing is that no one else can know. One thing is the hypocrisy of our society – music videos, ads, there are so many very obvious fetishes and sex scenes “hidden” right before our eyes which are completely allowed and even considered great. They earn rewards. The other thing is privacy. Since the dark side of our sex work medal is abuse, rape etc., none of us would openly out themselves and risk that customers or fans knew where they lived. Maybe if we had the money to live secured, but not like this.

Men could do away more easily with these disadvantages. Telling “the guys” they do sex work – no problem. Fans finding out where they live – not an issue as big as for women, be it students or women with children. Having said that, it’s good to know that the current #3 overall c4s topclip is made by a male. A solo male IN the video. Not behind the camera, not editing, not hiring girls. Just the guy, crushing small people (little play figures). So yeah. Go for it guys 🙂

clipstore attitude

Make a clipstore. Everyone can do it. Don’t show your face, show your face, don’t talk, talk; seriously. Do whatever you want. WHAT.YOU.WANT.


I wrote this down as a reminder to myself. Yea, sorry, I didn’t write this for you. I am writing to reach my goals now. I will present what I know in the way I think it’s right. I will try to guide newcomers and advanced “clipstorers”. I will rock this website and I hope it rocks so hard that you start rocking with it 🙂

That’s it.

You can earn money from home. Alone. Without expensive equipment. Without compromising your privacy. Being your own boss, running your own schedule. Being insured. Having kids. Having whatever problems you might have.

I started with a cellphone that you wouldn’t even know had a camera. You will probably only find it in a museum nowadays.

Get started if you haven’t. I’ll leave you breadcrumbs at the right shortcuts and put up warning signs at uphill tracks. So to speak.

I have made almost all the mistakes a newbie can make while becoming a “professional”. I am making the professional mistakes now 😛

Read about them. Know them. Avoid them. This could be your chance.

Everything I earn, I see as gift. I expected nothing when I started my first store, now I make sales every day. It’s amazing. However, I don’t feel bad on slow days. I just don’t feel as happy. I am independent from sales, from monetary success.

I base my business on myself only. As long as I stay the way I am, my business will thrive.