Why thoughts of today?

I start this new category called “thoughts of today”, because since I run my clipstores and this website and participate in lots of communities to go along with it, next to writing stories and being a mom of two , I have way more things on my mind than I used to.

Especially with this site.

First, I started it because of the questions I read over and over again about clipsites and clips4sale in particular on various (producer) forums/groups. Not only were many of the same questions asked several times, which made me think there seems to be no answer to them “out there” (=googleable), but I was also surprised at some of the answers, which, in my opinion, were not the most correct ones in some cases.

So I thought it might be a good idea to get all the “right” knowledge, or in any case valid starting points to the right answers, onto a website that models/producers/interested people/newcomers etc. could access.

What is the “right” knowledge?

First of all, to some questions, there are simple, correct answers. Straight forward. Like: “How do I add display order numbers to my clips4sale clips?”

I noticed that I know these answers. I actually noticed that I know most of the c4s internal, store admin related issues, because I have experienced and solved these issues myself in the past. I also noticed that there is a lot of misguiding information. So a place to collect all the straight forward answers would be a good idea.

Family and job

Then I thought about how my life had changed and I saw how people around me, most of all other mothers, were struggling to earn any money. If you get a job, you have to put the kids somewhere, which costs money, so you work for nothing. If you get a job…

The risk of hiring you is high. Most companies are afraid you might get another kid or you can’t handle job and family (and the reality is, handling both is a struggle we don’t get sufficient support for from politics and industry)

Having the website in place would open up the knowledge I collected in many years to everyone. You could read it and learn in one day what I learned in about 1750 days. At 8-14 hours / day.

And you could earn money. Anyone, especially those who struggle to find a job or those young moms, could get an income. Be their own boss at that.

Girls around the corner form here work for $1050 / month, full time, 42 hours / week. The pizza delivery woman uses her own 17 year old car to deliver pizza at $6 / hour. A woman that used to bring the mail always had her 3 kids in the back of the car. I guess she picked them up from school, then started her tour while they made their homework on the back seat. They are happy to have any job at all.

When I see them, I think: “wow”. You are full of energy, you have a great smile, you could really run your own successful clipstore. And literally anyone has something special that could make them a niche and enable them to do well.

Knowledge is power

However, they don’t know about clips4sale or clipmaking or fetish niches or even think in that direction at all. I stumbled upon it by accident when I was a student in a naughty mood. How are they supposed to find out? “I should tell them”, I thought.

The only barrier is a moral one, but since I have delved into c4s and the fetish scene, I have found out that there is an ethically sound solution for everyone. You can go as far as you want, or you can just take your 17 year old car and make pedal pumping clips.

How wrong is that? Who can judge you for that? Yes, there is a huge amount of social pressure. Few women would sell their bodies. But when I tell them about some of the possibilities, they can’t believe what I am saying. “Ironing? I do that every day!”

Well, had you filmed it, it might have earned you money. But you have to know that. And you have to know how you make the money and where. And then I started to write the guides.

Reality check: I never told the pizza delivery woman or the cashier or any other girl about what I do and what she can do. I thought about it a lot. I wanted to do something. But I am just a girl as well. A shy one at that, living under the same social rules than anyone else. You don’t just tell people that you run a fetish clipstore, chances are even slimmer when you have kids and are afraid of what people might say to them or about you.

So here we are again. On the internet. Where we can be whoever we want to be. And I want to be doing something for the people that need to earn money but have a hard time doing so. Which are a lot of people.

Now I wished this would be as “easy” for men as it is for women. But it isn’t. Because men pay for porn and most of them want to see women. And even if it’s not “porn”, but some niche fetish, these rules of thumb still apply.

Having said that, there are possibilities for men as well. There are ways as a solo male, without hiring women and without having to do gay oriented stuff.

I won’t be covering that, as I won’t be covering a lot of content. I am more about giving everyone the knowledge and a set of tools so they can sell any content they like to create.


Well, this is not an empirical site. However, I want my advice to be applicable and testable. After all, this site is meant to be a tool that works the way it’s supposed to work. Which is enabling people to start a clip store and achieve an income of at least $1000.

I am happy that, at the point I am writing this, already 4 studio owners have achieved that and have told me that my site was an important factor in their success. I must admit that I have noticed changes on c4s that point towards my site as well and as far as I noticed, they were of a positive nature 😉

What’s to come?

I work on c4s every day since a few years and I keep an open mind in and outside of c4s towards related issues. So I have seen, read and experienced a lot of things, not only on the backend, but on the front end as well. I always check my radar – go around the categories, check a few studios, look at the lists, google things, investigate, research, get in touch with the industry …

Most things I found out, I have kept to myself. I hope this new section enables me to get more of that information out there for you to read and discuss and maybe we can help each other out on a few occasions 🙂

Grammar, spelling and stuff

Just one more thing: I know it’s important for a the readability to have a certain level of language skills. This is not my first language and I do my best with spell checks and all.

However, I sometimes notice the flow of writing overcoming me and that’s when it’s the most productive and easy to type. So I opt to skip all the grammar proofreading at times and just put up the content that I want to get out.

This can lead to crazy jumping in tenses and violations of other grammar rules, which I apologize for right here and never again. Same goes for SEO and other “meta” stuff you might notice. I am just a clip girl and not a professional website admin. So, sorry for that 🙂

Have a great day!

XXX Sinna