Author: Sinna

Income by Accident – How I started on Clips4sale

My first steps When I started in 2011, I was a total rookie. I started with nothing. No knowledge, no money, no experience. You could say my first income was by accident. Let me tell you about it: When I was a student, I made a few fetish video clips that I wanted to put on the internet. I did it just for fun, self exploration and out of curiosity. I have had this fetish for all my life and wanted to know if I was weird. What would others think about what I did? open full...

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Clip Length Guide for Clips4Sale

Why Does Clip Length matter on Clips4sale? The easy answer is, that there are restrictions on with regards to Clip Length, which makes Clip Length an important matter: I used to have a really really slow internet connection and nothing is worse than uploading a 1.04 GB file for a whole day and night, then finding out it’s “not allowed” to be added. open full...

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