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Suggestions for Queen K's studio (6 replies and 2 comments)

3 years ago
Sinna 3 years ago

A fellow clip store asks for help here:

To make it easier to reply and sort the reactions, I will post the question here and then send the link to it through the newsletter.

Hello Sinna I am the “producer”/”slave” of

I just wanted to thank you on behalf of my Queen and myself for all the free advice and guidance you’ve provided. We are just a small amateur store and we opened up about 6 months ago.

We were totally in over our heads in the beginning until we found some of the guidance you graciously provided for free to help people. We really tried to listen to your advice and follow your suggestions on pretty much everything and by the 3rd month we were making over $1000per month.

The problem is life gets in the way sometimes work,kids,obligations,bills,etc and we weren’t able to update as often as you suggest. Not only that we just started to run out of different ideas as we began building our library of clips.

We bought a nice lighting kit after a few months and again learned so much from you about the importance of lighting and updating and writing proper descriptions and countless things and we began to see our sales climb higher and higher.

Then around August/September sales just began to drop. A LOT!!

Since then our sales have been less than half and falling. We couldn’t keep up with the pace of updating a new clip everyday although we’ve been doing the best we can putting out greatest hit compilations, making sure we post in different categories 1mp4 then a different category for 1wmv. Tryin to do whatever we can while we juggle everything else in life.

I just feel like we’re limited on what we can do financially and can’t compete with the mega stores and their unlimited funds. What sucks is for a.few months we were dominating quite a few foot categories. We were #1 store and #1 clip several times in several categories topping the mega stores and also would have a bunch of clips in the top 20 in 5 or 6 categories. We were getting more and more memberships and we were shocked that for a few months we could see our store on top of all the big stores that have been around forever. We couldn’t believe it!!!

Then right around when the hurricanes started showing up our sales plummeted. No matter what we put out or how hard we tried the preparation time, the exact camera angle, the lighting, the makeup, then the shooting of the clip, then the.editing, then the time it takes to write good.description get exact gif (starting with a great 1st pic because its the.1st thing the.customer will see totally learned that from you) then the posting it all adds up to so much time and effort and we’re not seeing anywhere near the $$$.

My Queen is getting upset and starting to think its.time to quit and shut it down. But I’ve seen what we’re capable of and as the lucky slaveboy that I am I really dont wanna throw in the towel yet. Sinna or anyone else reading this who has a successful clips4sale clip store do you have any suggestions or advice?

We never expected to get rich doing clips but we did see for a few months that making $1000 a month to help with bills is totally possible and thats really what we’re aiming for.

We update as much as life allows, we have a membership site, we post on twitter, and we even started offering custom clips but some or.I should say Most of the.requests are incredibly detailed and almost impossible to do exactly as the customer wants.

If Sinna or anyone else hung in there and read this long ass post I really appreciate it!

Keeping in mind we don’t have much extra $$$ especially this.time of year. Is there anyone out there that has any advice or ideas to help us, so we can keep the studio open and get back to having fun making clips and making decent $$$$???????

Its hard to know if we just got lucky for a lil while? Or if my expectations are too high?

I really thought most people were like me in the fetish world and LOVED AMATEUR FETISH because it feels so real and makes people feel like it could be them under the pretty girl next doors feet.

We’ll never be able to have 5 beautiful models in exotic locations and a lot of the.other expensive things to create the.perfect super fantasy like the mega stores.

All that being said Sinna and Any other Awesome Clips4sale success story does anyone think there’s any way at all to climb back up to the top?

Or did we just flat out get lucky for a.lil while?

Sinna and all successful clips4sale studio owners who share their knowledge and experience to help others!!!!

I thank you so much for being so incredibly kind, wanting to see others succeed, and helping others avoid many dangers, troubleshooting, and big costly mistakes.

Thank you if you read this. I’m losing hope and need some guidance because if everything continues like this I’m gonna have to shut it all down.

One last time special thanks to SINNA and any other success story trying to help.others get their lil piece of the pie.

3 years ago
Sinna 3 years ago

Hello Slave 🙂

My first question would be: when did you start the member's section?

The picture gallery there says "added 3 months ago" which would point to the time around August.

If you opened the membership site in August, that could be a clue as to what is happening...

3 years ago

Thanks so much to you Sinna and the other people kind enough to give honest helpful criticism. As I said to tinachadford at this point any and all Real Genuine criticism or advice has to be looked at seriously if we want to continue having a studio at all. We've followed your advice from the beginning and you've helped us earn way more $$$ than we thought possible. In the beginning we really didn't believe having a clip store would actually work but it was your advice and the advice of a few other success stories that actually began to pay off exactly the way you said it would. I guess we just didn't think we would rise up as fast as we did then drop in sales as fast as we did either. Im really glad I decided to reach out to you and other successful studio owners who've already been through the ups and downs that come with jumping into a business like this. We are going to try our best to climb back up the ladder. Even if it takes humbling ourselves enough to ask for guidance from people who've lived it, been through all the bullshit, and kept on moving forward. For now I think we just need to temper our expectations look at all Real Suggestions and get back to having fun with it. It was you Sinna who said in this business you get back what you put in and there's always something better/different/new that people can try to keep things fresh. But it was also you Sinna who said in the end you just gotta have fun with it, put in the effort, understand that things happen for no rhyme or reason sometimes in this business that are totally out of our control and there's nothing we can do about it. So again we really thank you Sinna and everyone else who took the time to throw some advice and knowledge our way because there are some things we do have control over and its always better to listen to those that have been there and been through all the troubleshooting and tweaking and ups and downs before just giving up and throwing in the towel.

3 years ago
info1 3 years ago

Hi Sinna,
Hi, "slave",

from my point of view easy to explain: All what is some "new" or "special / new" gives a short "hype" (usual 3 months). You see this every where: Open a shop, store, a restaurant, offering a new adult model in a club or what ever. For this it even NOT needs to be much "great".

After this period it "waste" fast over short time. Did see such also with countlees new opening of stores experience fron 10y as retailer, 10 own shops + 30 "shop/in/shop" and lots of "new openings"...) And: The quantity (mass) of publicum is finally still limited, even on C4S. I am "active" today with a marketingTpromotional agency for adult/erotic models (+ "Pay sex" models) what is 100% full legal where I live and work... ). We see this for example on all adult (pay6) portal (for advertising models) regular and with many other things. Additional, I think there are "enough" at C4S what offer more/less same/equal fetish clips like this/your studio does. And soo, they are for "limited" time "only" an "additional new one" ... to look for.

To make a longer lasting "trend" and come for longer period of time in the "pole position" is very, very hard and also rare (= you for example!). As you may know yourself.

I also think, it can (sadly) not much done against this. "It is like it is"(and a natural effect also!) ... the "status quo" (= actual sales) seems to be the "normal" status for that studio ... after this previous "hype". This also explains, why such is often seen with other stores "also". Just normal! That's my opinion, hope this helps.

Some more remark: And that "all what was done" (...against this trend) "did not help" = additional proofs this :-((

All the best!


3 years ago
tinachadford 3 years ago

Looking at the store, all the clips look the same, same angle, same content.  Maybe try to diversify and explore some other fetishes, and show the female's face and body more from a flattering angle and adjust the lighting better?  Angles and lighting are everything.

Sinna has a good point about the members site.  Maybe disable that, isn't really a huge moneymaker. Someone might join and pirate everything you have.

3 years ago

Thanks so much for the advice. You have a great idea when you say try to explore something different. We've tossed that idea around before but never really considered doing it. Also we've found a few sites selling our clips already in or around Russia. We knew going into this piracy was a possibility but I guess like everyone says "I dont think it'll happen to me". We reported them to clips4sale but as im sure you already know with the laws being different all over the world there's really nothing clips4sale or anyone can do. It's hard to consider shutting down the members area because its such a nice chunk of $$$ when someone does join. But we asked advice for a reason and everything you've said here needs to be seriously looked at. Thank you again for your advice and insight. We really don't want to watch this store fail. We've put in tons of time and effort into making it work until just recently when we both started to lose hope. Thanks tinachadford we will definitely consider fixing some or all the things you were kind enough to address using your own time to lend a hand to a struggling studio.

3 years ago
mysteriouslillyxxx 3 years ago

Hello slave 😉

Maybe you guys should try making your gifs more appealing ? From i can see your gifs are made by the clips4sale build in application. "Moving" gifs would look nicer, and my sales increased since i start doing them( you can see what i mean in my store Making moving gifs is not something very complicated, just put your clip in movie maker, cut it out about 3, 3-5 second scenes ( the good looking scenes in your opinion), make every scene faster ( there is an option to speed up the clip) and save. Then you can make it into a gif in that application

3 years ago
Sinna 3 years ago

@queengoddessk1 (checking if this works to notify you :P) I almost missed your comments because you did indeed put them as comments to the posts. That is an option I chose to implement, but I realize it might be better to post long answers as actual replies, here at the bottom of the topic, instead of comments in between.

I would still like to know when you established the membership option. It could really be that your clips were massively pirated. It happened to me in the past and I had to shut down the membership site.

3 years ago
Sinna 3 years ago

Closed due to inactivity.

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