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Testimonial: Wow! (1 reply)

2 years ago
Mmy1 2 years ago

I cannot fully express how much Sinna’s e-book, this website, and her personal advice has helped me launch my c4s studio. Before I get to how I’ve done, let me tell you a little about me.

I’m… not young, lol. I’m working with a $200 refurbished camera and a $40 lighting set up. I have no experience in camming or modeling/performing of any type. I don’t have fancy locations to shoot in. I’m not conventionally attractive. I went into this knowing my limitations and had very much tempered my expectations.

My studio is 25 days old. I have 16 unique clips. As of tonight it’s made $1360. I’ve consistently been in the top half of my category’s top 50 studios and I’ve always had at least one clip in the top 50 of my category. Obviously I’ve done far better in this first month than I ever imagined.

A few bits of Sinna’s advice that I personally think are key to my current success:

Be yourself, be authentic, and work in a fetish you enjoy: My clips are obviously amateur. I always do my best but my stuff does not look like the other studios I’m up against. If I spend too much time looking at other people’s work I start to feel inadequate. They’re prettier, have slicker production, are obviously more experienced. But people are buying my clips. I’m doing what I enjoy. I’m working with 2 male performers I’ve known and sincerely like.* I think that shows. I think there’s an authenticity to my clips that connects with people.

Be consistent: This is an extremely busy time of year for me so I don’t have as many clips as I would like, but I try to post at least every other day. The few times I let 2 days pass I saw my hits and sales plummet. This is “work”, though I find it very enjoyable work.

Good Descriptions: I enjoy writing so this one was easy for me. I see a good description as serving several purposes. It should have keywords for searching, it should spell out in detail what the clip contains, and I think it should start the arousal process. I want the reader to get turned on by it and want to “finish the job” by buying and watching the clip.

None of this would be possible without Sinna. I’ve referred to her e-book multiple times, I’ve read and re-read articles on Adult Income. She gave me invaluable personal advice and encouragment. I KNOW if I didn’t have access to her advice I wouldn’t be doing anywhere near what I am today. I know I’ve expressed it to her personally, but a huge public thank you to Sinna.

*Working with others means I don’t get to pocket everything the studio makes, but trust me, everyone involved is absolutely thrilled with how well it’s going.


1 year ago
Mmy1 1 year ago

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