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Difference between $1.99 guide and $20 Patron membership? (2 replies)

2 years ago
beamodel 2 years ago

New member here and my first post. I was wondering what the difference is between buying the $1.99 guide vs. a $20 Patron membership. Does the Patron membership give me everything that's in the guide and more? Or should I start with the $1.99 guide and then go to the Patron membership if I feel the need for more information?

2 years ago
Sinna 2 years ago

Hello Beamodel 🙂

The Patron membership gives you access to the protected articles on the site. All those who have "Protected:" in the title.

The guide which the book is based on is free to read:

Note that the Guide is a few years old and out of date. The book is an update of that Guide for 2017. I would recommend investing the 2$ to get the book and thus the latest version of the guide.

I won't be available for a while now, so I would say go with the book and save the Patron membership for when you got your studio going.

I am not able to write any content for adult income for the next few weeks.

1 year ago
Sinna 1 year ago

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