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Getting around the C4S 10 clip start-up minimum (2 replies)

2 years ago
beamodel 2 years ago

Clips4Sale requires new studios to post at least 10 clips to open a store. This can be tough for a new studio who might want to see actual profits from a smaller number of clips before spending money to make more.

There are also many C4S studios that have less than 10 clips. C4S says these studios deleted or deactivated clips.

So is there a way to get around the 10 clip minimum rule when opening a studio? For example, could I just break up a couple clips into 10 smaller "unique" clips and post these so my store gets activated, then go back and delete the clips with the idea of re-posting them as the longer clips I originally intended? Based on all the stores that have less than 10 clips it looks like C4S might be OK with this.

Any other ideas to get around or meet the 10 clip minimum? I am a producer/director by the way, not a performer, so its not like I can just film myself 10 different ways.

2 years ago
Sinna 2 years ago

Hello Beamodel,

it's been a while and your question might have resolved itself, but I just want to write an answer anyway because I have some time now.

Normally, posting less than 10 clips to see profits before investing more time is a good idea. However, most studios won't get noticed enough to make any sales at all from less than 10 clips. You would have to be really lucky or already having a fanbase from somewhere else to see any profits from this.

There are indeed studios with less than 10 clips. Probably none of them earn anything.

You can make trailers from your clips and post them, then later delete them and post the full video. As long as the trailers are 2 minutes minimum, this is possible.

There might be other ways around this rule, but I personally think if you can't get the 10 clips done to open the studio, you will have a very tough time making any money at all on c4s.

Not because of you, but because of your upload frequency and consistency. Very few studios really define a niche and earn money on a few updates a month.

Most studios earn money based on their productivity and sheer volume of clips.

If you plan on having a successful studio, making 10 clips is just the first hurdle, but one that you should be able to overcome.

For just testing the waters, a research on articles like pornhub's year reports, diving into fetlife or reddit groups or posting snippets on tube sites might be a better idea than bypassing the 10 clip rule on c4s.

With all the clips being posted to c4s, it's hard to get exposure and continued traffic to a new studio with just a few clips.

I hope this could help someone,

xxx Sinna

1 year ago
Sinna 1 year ago

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