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When customers ask you to include certain information in the description (1 reply)

3 years ago
Sinna 3 years ago

How do you handle that? Do you ignore it? Do you keep a list? Do you try to remember vaguely but don't mind if you forget something?


The background of my question is that I would - had I made one - have quite a list of what to include in my descriptions according to customer wishes. Like:

  1. Could you state in your descriptions how long ago you shaved your pussy
  2. Could you state in your descriptions how many minutes you do this or that (talk, cross legs, masturbate etc.)
  3. Could you state in your descriptions how many minutes you focus filming on... (feet, toes, face etc.)
  4. How big your belly is
  5. If you dyed your hair
  6. How long your hair is
  7. If you are on your period
  8. etc.

Now, I try to "cover" most of this with description / pictures but I don't have a list that I check to make sure I can make each and every customer happy. At the end of the day, a description has to be "good" and not just a technical description of what is going on.

However, I notice that most customers don't scan for that information and rather ask me anyway. Or they just buy the clip and are disappointed.

If I wrote "After quickly masturbating to a relaxing orgasm, I go on to..."

In my mind, that would tell the customer that the masturbating scene is rather short than long. However, I often notice that people don't read that. They buy the clip, then email me "you were saying that you masturbate but that was just a minute"

So I am just contemplating if I want to change / add anything - how do you deal with this?

I might add that I am not really struggling with that. I always try to let my descriptions cover what is happening. Just wondering whether or not I can take some inspiration to improve customer convenience from you.

Like in the past, I would add the resolution, bitrate and sometimes the exact length of a clip. Now c4s covers the resolution part and I don't put in the technical stuff anymore. I just put "HD" or "SD" since most people will know what that means generally speaking: A lower quality and a higher quality. They don't have to know the exact bitrate.

3 years ago
Sinna 3 years ago

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